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02/16/2011 01:50 PM

I'm Pissed off


Ok, I'm here to vent which I don't do often and NO it has nothing to do with my lyme so I'm sorry if anyone is upset over this post.

But Today I hear again about stopping treatment for early breast cancer. I had early breast cancer Stage II and I'm still fighting the battle.

Today I wake up with a swollen hand, swollen breast, swollen chest, pain, and numbness where I can't use my hand..My life has not been the same since May 17, 2010...And I'm mad as hell over this news.

But they don't want lymph testing when they cut you open, shame on them. without that I would have had chemo instead of 37 rounds of raditaion, what make me spend more money on Chemo, etc. BS...

Since all this my eye sight has gotten worse, I have pain from the chest to my hands, I have no idea if they got all my cancer, will I live or die, but they want to take away testing...hummmmmmmmmmmmmm..

Sorry but I just had to get this off my chest and I knew my friends on MD would understand.

Thanks much



02/16/2011 02:42 PM
shorelinelymePosts: 1252
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Please feel free to vent away! Are you saying that they are not going to test lymph nodes anymore? Forgive me if I am ignorant- but isn't this how they determine the staging of cancer?

I guess *cutting* healthcare is what we should all be accustomed to...wherever they can save $$$$ they will, I think.

Julie, I'm sorry you're having trouble still from the radiation. I have a friend who was recently treated for stage 3 colorectal cancer...and I know that she did not like the radiation either. She actually had to have a surgical procedure redone because the radiation burned an area of her colon...

We'll keep you in our prayers that this swelling etc..goes away.



02/16/2011 02:58 PM

Yup you are right they don't want to test for lymph Nodes testing anymore with stage I or II...I'm so upset over this.

And they they don't want us to have both breasts tests with your year mamo when you have bc...What just one can get breast cancer???

Someday I might understand all this..At the moment I don't and I'm mad as hell...Please ladies go each year for your Mamo, you don't want to end up like me...



02/16/2011 03:29 PM
Posts: 3856
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That sounds rediculous Julie,

Why wont they do it? cause your early stage and the "odds" are it hasnt spread to there?

Shame on them. I would insist on it and too bad if they have to pay.

Sorry your having pain and a bad day. Hang in there

02/16/2011 03:30 PM
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julie, i'd be too!! i haven't heard the news or read my daily medical mailings i get on things.

have you read any of the articles i posted on breast cancer that are all together in TREATMENTS?

they can be found by using the INDEX OF IMPORTANT TREATMENT POSTS that cmany/christine found.

i was getting so many daily, i recently quit posting, but they were intended for you/others with breast cancer.

use the bc link above and EMAIL someone where the info came from to SOUND OFF to them!! use that anger to rile someone's feathers WHO MAKES THESE DECISIONS!!


best wishes and rant anytime my dear friend; hugs to you.


02/16/2011 03:45 PM

Julie- I'm so sorry and at the same time dumbfounded that this is happening to you.

What is going on in the medical community? Seriously!!

When is someone going to change this horrible system we have?

Julie, you are so strong..please keep fighting them tooth and nail for the treatment you need and are owed.

My prayers are with you.


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02/16/2011 04:04 PM

Julie, oh my goodness! I m so sorry for all ur heartache. What a tough position

U r in. I am praying for the very best for u. Take care, Michelle

02/16/2011 04:09 PM

Julie, I too am sorry. It saddens me so much to see you in such pain both emotional and physical.

this is what women have gone through in Europe and canada for so many years. Their medical community does not what to spent the money. Women in canada are left to die with breast cancer in early stages.

This is why they come to america to get their extended treatment. I remember a year back one of Canada's equivlant of a senator went to Florida for heart surgery. When ask by the news paper why he went to florida he said he could not get the procedure done in canada and he would have died. This caused a big uproar with the Canadian govt medical program.

Now it is here in America.

I was a proud american until finding out what our government is doing by not treating lyme correctly and allowing our medical community and insurance community to act like criminals and get away with it.

I was narrow minded its with every disease. They want us to spend our money out of pocket and not use insurance. Obama's health care plan says they will cover any past medical problem but the question is for how long.

02/16/2011 04:11 PM

Oh don't worry when I have my mamo I will have both done not just one..My Dr. is pretty good about it and said this is BS. Without lymph nodes testing we could die as it can spread like fire. I had my tested thank god...Plus my dr. Did order and MRI in May, he is the same man that helped me with my lyme, he always "Thought outside the box" no matter what...

But what about the other woman out there...Just like they want to change radiation to 3 weeks instead of 7, canada does 3 weeks so they want to be like Canada...We don't live in Canada...

Maybe I am wrong and just upset...Smile

02/16/2011 04:17 PM
Posts: 637

Julie you have every right to feel the way you do. Is there any chance of making them do it? I don't want to tell you what to do because your already stressed as it is. I wonder if asking the doctor if it were her boobs or his wifes boobs if he would still make the same choice. It's crap.

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