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11/25/2008 06:33 AM

roaring in my head!

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I constantly hear a roaring sound in my head - also a ringing in my ears! (sound sensitive - any loud noises startle)

My head feels like it is vibrating - and this is all of the time!!

my other symptoms come and go but this one is there all the time!!

When i lie down - i feel a misty feeling around my head and almost like being dizzy without moving!

Can anyone shed some light??

Has anyone experienced the same?????

any feed back i will appreciate ~ seems to stun the docs when i mention the roaring in my head........but i would think that my central nervous system is very inflamed - maybe??



11/25/2008 07:55 AM

Me too not roaring ..very loud hissssing...hated it, i did not have the dizzy issues like you... this is my opinion,, after i started taking P73 Oil of went away in roughly a month.I would cycle days 1 day Samento.. one day P73 OO. It seemed to really work well for me Smile Hope that helps Smile

11/25/2008 11:35 AM
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Oh Jenny - i am so sorry that you have to go through this.

I know that some hissing in the ears can be nerve damage. And I know that you have a long complicated case. And I wish that I could shed some light, on the roaring.

But I have had the misty feeling that you described. For me tho it was something that happened to taper off during treatment. I remember having it around the time i was in my late teens/early 20's...and I had some real issues with chemical imbalances.

But that is about as much as I can recall...wish I could be of more help..

I am here if you need an ear...always



11/25/2008 02:41 PM
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Hey Jenny,

I wonder if you are having trouble with the crystals in your ear? I did when I was having such severe episodes of vertigo a while back. What happens is there are calcium crystals in your ear that basically help with your balance. You don't necessarily feel off balance, but what happens when they get knocked out of place, and really any little thing can set them out of place, is that you get episodes of vertigo, and if you move the wrong way, you can fall. You also may have some of the feelings you are describing, but the typical presentation is more of a feeling of tinnitis, which is usually described as a ringing in the ears. Some people feel a fullness in the ear or a pressure. But you can also get symptoms like what you are describing, too. So, if you wake up with weird bruises all over your body, mainly on your arms and/or legs, without having a clue as to how you got them, you may be experiencing vertigo and have this condition. You may wish to ask for a referral to an ENT. There, they can assess your balance, your hearing, and can run a series of tests to determine if you should (and it sounds like you probably should) be referred to a PT to have them re-set the crystals in your ear. For me, I think it took maybe 6 to 8 sessions of therapy. I was worse on one side than the other, I think it was the right, but I could be wrong. You will know when they get you tested! I had a very violent reaction to one of the tests. You can also request an MRI to be certain that nothing else is going on, as some brain tumors (not to alarm you) can present in the way you describe. But likely, it is related to the crystals in your ear having gotten shifted out of place. This is fairly common, far more common than people realize! Smile Hope this will help, hun!

Good luck, and lots of hugs going your way. PM me if you want more info, k?

Something you can do in the meantime to help with your balance and to prevent problems with getting bruises at night is to put nightlights in every room so that when you get up to move around the house, you can see where you are going. Be certain there is a clear path to where you are going as well--clear a path to any rooms you may go to during the night. If you can't sleep with a nightlight, then have a flash light near the bed within reach to light your way to nearest nightlight, or just have it and forego the nightlights. Also, put in stabilizing bars in tubs and showers, as well as around the toilets. You can find the pretty easily in medical supply places, or in online catalogues. You can also get a portable toilet if you prefer (sounds crazy, but well, it does work!). Put non-slip pads in the tub and/or shower. They are sold in virtually every store you shop in. Be sure when you get in and out of the shower that everything you need is within reach. Don't reach too far, or you may slip. Put rugs down in slippery surfaces. Those are just some of the things you can do to help. I'm sure there are others, and you may be able to think of more, having read that list.


11/26/2008 09:45 AM
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I've had the ringing and roaring for years. It went away for a while when I first started Samento but is back now. It's not as loud though.

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