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02/06/2011 01:59 PM

Lyme damage?? causing MS? Reverseable?

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Hi Everyone,

Im a little concerned and have a few questions that maybe someone can give me some insight on observations Ive been looking at.

Ive had all the lyme symptoms and BLO symptoms. I have made HUGE strides since starting treatment . My questions are as follows...

As to date Im left with several symptoms one that hasent gone away since May 2001. This symptoms is dizziness "drunk" feeling. My brain stem hurts from the center to the back of my eyes. It gives me a spaciness feeling. Im also having mild pins and needles on the soles of my feet in the morning. Diarrhea sometimes.

I have HIGH energy levels no fatigue Im very strong in all my extremities.Im wondering if maybe the lyme damaged my nervous system"balance" . Did I not get treatment in time for lyme??? I had my spinal fluid checked in 2001 no MS. I just had an MRI in June 2010 no Lesions "Normal"

I had ENG and it showed balance issues so my Neurologist gave me vistibular therapy. Im seeing LLMD so Ill wash that ENG away Smile

My last visit to LLMD asked me about Diarrhea and I said not too much once in a while. I have to tell LLMD its more often. I was reading some MS symptoms and starting to wonder if I was a little too late on lyme treatment...Ill give it more time but I was wonder If maybe I have some nerve damage .

I also heard MS can be reversed. Im a little concerned.

This balance issue is getting real annoying.

Can anyone please give me some insight !!! Thank you..


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02/06/2011 03:37 PM
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hi dave Smile

2 links come to my mind that may really help explain more what you are going thru.


dr. ann corson's headache post that takes into everything! very detailed.

LYME ON THE BRAIN by tom grier, 5 parts...last 3 parts deal with MS alot.

good luck dave Smile hugs


02/07/2011 09:15 AM
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Hi dave

You have no other symptoms…Dizziness was my first symptom and what eventually led to my MRI. I do have lesions so they called it MS but its not.

I still have dizziness on occassion. Scares me but I know its nothing.I had evey test going

02/07/2011 10:32 AM
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Dave, You seem really to have come so far! Seems just a few things are being a pest and if I may ask, what makes you "target" MS?

My left over symptoms and how long I have had it is much differnt than these are more questions than answers for ya..

I target the leftover symptom.. example..head pressure increases and I did not eat something to cause it...I check my Omega3 intake..sometimes I forgot..or I take a little bit more..My legs cramped up bad, I go for the pickle juice or tonic water..

My eyes get the blur..tagpole thing..Turmic...And so on... Multi symptoms hit..I do ACV(apple cider viniger) that is amazin' it stops alot in it's tracks!

except for the Omega..the other stuff..I don't inhale..all the time..just when I really want releif..

You are on so much stuff,Does any of it, or could any of it cause..or could more of a certain thing help?

You are this far..I want to see you jump the fence!

Betty is right Tom Greir article is very good.


02/07/2011 10:42 AM
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Dave, I understand your concern. I have had the same one about the constant head pressure and ringing that never seems to go away after all these years, and have wondered if it is "permanent" nerve damage too.

Didnt you say you had encephalitis? could this be a remnant of that? Feels like that is what is causing mine.

Dave, sometimes this head symptom goes into what you describe, and causes me an off balance and dizziness.

From everything I have read on here from everyone, seems these are probably Bart symptoms ( or Bart Simpsons ) as think of them now!

But there is also Babesia to consider. Have you looked into that? Cant remember if you said so. I think it can cause these symptoms too. And do you also have head ringing?

Let me know what you find Dave. Because I am asking the same questions. What kind of damage is this??? Betty's article is a good one.

02/07/2011 12:53 PM
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Just wanted to put another plug in for - Saccharomyces Boulardii. Are you taking this supplement? It prevents antibiotic related diarrhea...I would be surprised if this is being caused by MS- it's more likely caused by the abx...

I have been on this supplement for almost the entire time that I've been on abx...and it really does work.

There have been many who have improved from balance problems associated with Lyme - so I really don't think that it is permanent in most cases...

I wouldn't worry about it too much...If you go on the MS site- they have info. on various clinical trials that are being run. Minocycline has been used in some and has reduced and eliminated some MS lesions in MS patients, so it seems like with proper treatment it may be able to reverse itself.


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02/08/2011 08:06 AM
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Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your input. Im going to stick this course. 19- 1/2 months on abx and ALMOST 10 years infected ,I should be happy where I am today. Ill just keep plugging away. I have to remember its a long ,long journey to recovery. I sometimes get lost in that aspect because I healed fairly fast and I want more faster Smile

Thank you,


02/09/2011 09:57 PM
inkyblckPosts: 446

Dave, when you use the word "spaciness" the first thing that comes to mind is babesia ...

Have you been tested for babs ???

Nightsweats are usually one of the main symptoms, but I never had nightsweats until I began treating it ~

I'm still not sure what illness is causing what symptom in me, however, the one consistant POSITIVE that has come up EVERY TEST for me is babesia ...

I've had the spaciness ... I still have the foot, and palm of the hand pain ... my neck is ground zero for all of this too ... Bouts of dreadful anxiety/panic and worst of all, the inability to involve myself in a simple conversation or phone call ...

It is completely unlike the real me, the way I have been for my entire life ...

But things have improved ... I have targeted babesia, but now I'm on all herbs ...

I would stake my membership here that you DO NOT have MS ~

But I would bet my next good meal that you have babesia ...

Check your red blood results from past blood tests ~check RBC, MCV, MCHC, platelet count, MPV ...

Also, what is your Sed Rate ??? ...

Most MDs will look right past a low sed rate ( under 5 ) and see it as "normal" ~ A sed rate under 5 for an adult is usually indicative of hypercoagulated blood ... This could be causing problems for you ...

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