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01/02/2011 05:13 PM

Vertigo and Lyme

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Has anyone else experienced vertigo with Lyme? I have it, but it seems that no matter what position I'm in I feel like things are moving or I'm "caught in a wave"

It's starting to really bother me when I drive, so I don't know if it's vertigo or motion sickness? Or are they the same?

I have a hard time focusing on things, which could be from the Lyme or my reverse T3 thingy (haha I'm so technical I know)....

And I think that could be the cause of some of my anxiety when I drive, because the more movement there is the more I feel funky.

Anyone else have that?


01/02/2011 05:29 PM
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OH YES...I spent MANY years with such severe vertigo that I would open my eyes in the morning holding on to the mattress knowing everything would be spinning.

I had it severely...SO severely at times that I literally could not get my body upright.

It would wax n wane throughout the day but never went away. NOW I get waves several times a week and sometimes the room is spinning and the tinnitis was also very bad during that time. Now it comes n goes too..

I have really bad water on the ears that just won't clear up. I've had it since I got sick as a kid...Frequent ear aches without infection as well as jaw and tooth pain without infection..So weird.

I NEVER found anything to help the vertigo...It just got better n better through the years...Never went away entirely though.

01/02/2011 05:40 PM
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n., pl., -goes, or -gos.

The sensation of dizziness.

An instance of such a sensation.

A confused, disoriented state of mind.

[Middle English, from Latin vertīgō, from vertere, to turn.]

I had to look this up because I have forgotten the meaning of some words. Saturday I felt dizzy while in the car. I asked my boyfriend to turn slowly, not to stop or start fast.

Also there are times when we are waiting at a light. I will see the car next to us move and I will grab onto something because it feels like we are moving.

Today I did not have that problem. What a difference a day makes.

Read more:

01/02/2011 08:00 PM
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Have you ever had chiropractic treatment for your vertigo?

I had it awful when I was really symptomatic. Getting adjusted at the chiropractor was the only thing thing that helped. Sometimes I would have to go three times a week, but it was worth it, because at least I could function somewhat.

Also, you should check your atlas and see if it is out of place. This is a BIG cause for my vertigo. YOu have 2 on either side of the back of your neck. When this goes out, which happens often from daily grind and weakened body from LD and symptoms, vertigo and or headache, can occur . Maybe you can google "atlas" to get a definitive view of it's location.

Happy New Year!


01/02/2011 08:04 PM
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Thank You Amy. I'm going to google right now. I used to see a chiropractor years ago after an accident I had. IT DID make a difference overall but that's about the time everything with the vertigo got REALLY bad too...

I had a steroid shot in my low back and literally I FELL APART after that due to lyme and the steroid connection.

01/02/2011 10:33 PM
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yes, i've had dizziness lately this week.

i've come up with this: iwas having super low blood sugars down to 49 even! i called pcp's office to take me off 1 of my 4 diabetes meds.

he was gone but a co-worker dr. said to go off my glyberide for now; get myblood sugars back to 100 then add in 1/2 tablet daily. i hadn't so far; so this is what i feel it is.

i've never slept as soundly as i have this week being sick with horrible bronchitus like cold too; a combo thing going on.

in mywelcome letter is 1-2links for that too. bettyg


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