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12/14/2010 03:35 PM

My Teeth Feel Soft and Numb

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I had this feeling of soft teeth even before treatment, but it's gotten worse with antibiotics.

Feels like they are either made of chalk, or even numb.

Dizzy why?????

I feel like such a freak of nature sometimes. Silly

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12/14/2010 03:44 PM
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weird...what abx are you taking?

And this numbness, does it mean you can bite into ice cream without feeling anything? (I cringe like crazy when I see that happen bc I have SUPER sensitive teeth)...

There are nerve endings in the teeth, and I assume this numbness is because lyme wreaks such havoc on the nervous system. Things are probably all screwed up...and hopefully it will resolve with treatment.

I'm not sure what to say about the "soft" teeth thing...but hopefully there's not a large amount of damage to them...there are a few ladies on here who are dental assistants or hygienists, so maybe they can chip in and give you some more info! (maybe Carol, Toothfairy55 has some insights here?!?)

12/14/2010 03:56 PM
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I had a perfectly good tooth "crumble" right out of my mouth when I was eating....a salad.

I have no idea if my multiple dental problems is related to Lyme disease in anyway.

Always assumed it was genetics, as my mom had dentures at 19 years old.

However, I have been a fanatic about my teeth for many years, and one year in my early forties, I suddenly had multiple cavities "out of the blue."

The dentist yelled at me, saying I must have had some change in my diet.

I sat there in shock.

It only got worse, as I continued to floss and brush, at least three times per day (I can't stand the feeling of anything in my teeth).

Then, two summers ago, I was eating a salad and what appeared as a perfectly good tooth, crumbled right out of my mouth.

Dentists had no explanation, even at the University of Minnesota.

This resulted in many days of depression (plus multiple extractions of my once beautiful teeth) and dental issues are still a topic that will bring me down every time.

I had gorgeous white, straight teeth, and I still had my wisdom teeth for many years until the cavities started. (My parents were kind enough to pay for braces when I was a teen).

I still need to get back to the dentist and get a lot taken care of, but all the health issues have now caused the dental issues to take a back seat.

I need to be able to afford a partial so I can smile, once again. Sad

12/14/2010 03:59 PM
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When I put my teeth together, I can barely ( if at all ) feel them touch.

And if I do touch my upper to my lowers, it feels like they will break like soft chalk if I press too hard.

No pain.

I know....I'm weird.

12/14/2010 04:04 PM
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Oh my gosh, Hope! That's awful!

I have dreams where all my teeth crumble and fall out.

Maybe all this is my body telling me I need to get these crappy mercury fillings out of my mouth. But that takes money. It's either buy Lyme meds or that....can't do both. Why does it cost so much to be sick? Ugh.

12/14/2010 05:10 PM
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I have heard those dreams mean one feels a loss of control in ones life, but for me, it just means I am reliving the nightmare of what really happened!

And my sons' and my middle son's gf, kept calling me to tell me how I was still beautiful, and I would just cry and cry.

The worst was having four extractions all at once. I literally thought my mouth was on fire, and there wasn't enough vicodin in the world, lol.

Natsmom, you are NOT weird! Just something you are experiencing right now.

Recently, I am worrying about all the lemon and lime water, because I know that breaks down the enamel.

I always say that if I win the lottery, my teeth are FIRST.

YES! Remove the mercury and get dental implants vs. a stupid partial.

The first one failed, because they made it cover the roof of my mouth and I couldn't even drink water without feeling like I was drowning.

Now, I am back to square one.

I really, truly hate dentists. lol

12/14/2010 07:54 PM
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Hey you all, look into oil swishing. It healed up a pulled tooth real fast and is really helping my gums and teeth I can tell already. Has become a big thing now, and easy to do.

12/14/2010 09:04 PM


My teeeth feel the same way, and I've had all my fillings out for 15years.

I think it's the deep vibrating in our brains.

Do you feel pressure in your nose as well?

I've spent 5,000.00 on two separate occasions to fix my teeth because of the obsessive grinding I do at night. I wear an NTI for a mouthguard.

Otherwise, the dentist says I have an overly clean mouth.

12/15/2010 04:24 AM

The bacteria can drill into your tooth.

I had a pain in my tooth but the dentist took x rays and said nothing was wrong with the tooth. Then I read the spirochete can drill into our teeth and bones.

Who knew all this would happen from a tiny tick...

12/15/2010 04:27 AM

Dr B suggest that you not only brush your teeth well but brush your mouth and all areas with mouth wash after for several mins to kill lots of bacteria in the mouth

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