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11/30/2010 12:13 PM

Sugar/Gluten Withdrawals? Coud it be? Feel sick!

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Hi Everyone,

Not sure where this topic fits, so I will post here, because "support" covers a lot of topics.

I have MORE questions (I told you that I would, lol).

First, I am curious as to how many here are eating the sugar free, gluten free diet?

Has everyone done this as preparation for treatment or as part of the detoxing plan or even for naturals treatment?

Can you share why you did this and how you did it and how you are feeling now that you are done with sugar and/or gluten.

I am very interested in this topic.

I am on Day Two now, and I have a horrible headache.

Last night, I was frightened, because I did well all day, then became VERY weak when I had to let the dog out, broke out in cold sweats, my head was pounding, and I was very sick to my stomach.

OH, and my back felt like it was going to break right in two! That lasted until I got to lie down in my bed, but ouch did that hurt!

I was able to sleep, then woke up with this tremendous headache again!

Not a migraine: but a pounding headache where i do not want to move my head an inch. Then it will go away only to come back a little while later.

My vision seems "off," kind of blurry and that comes and goes.

No nausea yet today, but still the head pain.

Do you think all this is from my getting rid of the sugar and gluten?

I am taking away the nicotine on Saturday...just could NOT do it all at once.

What do you make of all this? I didn't anticipate any of these types of symptoms just from eliminating these things from my diet so could it be from something else?

Getting ready to make a nice batch of wild rice soup with turkey and carrots and other veggies. Yum! Smile

Perfect soup day here, as it is going to get MUCH colder as the day goes on and in the deep freeze tonight.

Glad I do not have to go anywhere until tomorrow.

Thanks, everyone, and I hope you will share your experiences with me! Smile


11/30/2010 06:46 PM
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Hope I am sorry...I started typing a response to your pms this morning, and I had to reboot...

It is entirely possible to have with drawl from the foods...gluten can cause addiction as can sugar - although you would have to be eating an awful lot of sugar...I know a sugar addict - and the biggest sign is his rotten mouth (YUCK).

But also depending on what is going on in your body - think of this as being a kind of SHOCK to your system...

There are ALL sorts of detox to go through...for example - when going on a high fruit/veggie diet or whole food fruit/veggie supplements, you can go through detox - and it can vary from diarrhea to even expulsion of toxins through the pores...

Are you drinking at least half your weight in ounces of water? This is important...also add a few glasses of water with lemon or lime - not only does it help with reducing acid levels...which you will need to do in order to treat more effectively...

Its really odd to think that removing these from our diets can cause a type of with drawl - but it can...keep track of all that is going on, and if it gets worse, contact the doc...


12/02/2010 04:52 AM

Not to start a controversy or anything, but are you saying you smoke Hope? I ask because I do smoke, and after losing my dog 3 mo. ago, I have no ability to quit now. Besides, I'm sick and like inhaling smoke.

I know how horrible it is for you, but with no other pleasures..

12/02/2010 08:20 AM
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Yes, fabajenna. I do smoke. It is difficult to admit this, here, because in my "real life," I am somewhat of a "closet smoker." I smoke less than half a pack a day, but that is too much. The most difficult one to give up will be the ones after meals. For me, just seems to "even everything out," somehow.

We did talk about this before, in another thread I have. TaraT talked about tobacco/nicotine giving energy. Funny, just when I was writing that a NicoDerm commercial came on. I have some little inhalers that my son used (and he started again) and I have an entire shoe boxy full, so I will use those if I feel I need something, but just over the first few days. I don't want to spend money on patches and pills. Last time I quit, I used the pill (NOT the most recent one, but the Wellbutrin) AND the patch, and I did well for months.

I wish those electronic cigs were an option. They call it "vaping." The reason I wish they were is I like the "act" and "ritual" of smoking (I know this sounds ridiculous to all you non-smokers, sorry!), and the electronic cigs might help with that. I found out, recently, that is not safe, either. Just need to get rid of it all, and yes. I know this will be a battle.

I have never had the desire to quit for a few years now. I do enjoy smoking. I just know how bad it is, especially for our Lyme, and how expensive, etc., and I will keep telling myself that I CAN do this!

I am so sorry you lost your beloved pet. I cannot imagine how I will be when that day comes, and my entire family worries about that already. He is my life and my baby and my joy. We know we can't have them forever, but it is so very difficult.

I also know what you mean about wanting to keep "some little pleasure" in our lives. Maybe we should call it "some little vices." I am trying to change my attitude and have my new pleasure be the money I will save, the good health I will feel, the glow my skin might end up having, the extra time I will have, because I won't have to "go smoke," and so on. Plan to pick up my knitting needles again, too. Trying to think of other ways to stay busy.

Good luck, and thank you for posting. I appreciate your support. Smile

12/02/2010 10:58 AM

Hope, I always enjoy your posts. They say everything I want to. I love the ritual as well, am a closet smoker, and I love it and hate it at the same time. It is so hypocritical to the rest of my life. It keeps me busy, but it smells. And it's bad for you.

I wish you strength and perserverance.

12/02/2010 05:18 PM
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Thank you so much "fabajenna."

I am trying to be honest here, because I know I can receive help and support by doing so.

I am pleased to hear you enjoy my posts.

I feel like I am always asking questions and being supported, and I would like to be supportive to others at the same time, so nice to hear.

It is 7:17pm here, and I have a few little things to take care of before bed.

If I did not, I would crawl in right now!

I honestly cannot keep my eyes open.

I SO wish I had a couple of days in a row to just sleep.....Smile

12/03/2010 07:54 AM
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Well, folks.

My headache is gone, thank goodness: that was a BAD one!

What is left is extreme weakness. The stairs are getting more difficult, especially on the way UP and with a 20 pound, overweight weiner dog in my arms.

Also, sleepy. I wish I had time to sleep and sleep, and that is not me.

I usually fight sleepiness and fatigue, because I want more time in a day, but I have been going to bed REALLY early.

Can't use week ends to sleep, either: too much to do.

I wish I could feel stronger...and rested, but I keep putting one foot before the other.

I really need to get some food in, because I am so afraid I will lose weight again.

Today, nothing sounds good at all. Sad

12/03/2010 08:11 AM
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Hello are a strong lady. I know it's hard right now...I'm sure there will come a day that you will have a window to take a much needed nap.

Put that Weiner dog on a diet! Eat some meat! Keep your iron up ...get some greens in you. I think I got a 15 minute nap the other day. All other days I just wish I could nap.

Too much to do here too. I was feeling better on doxy that last week but now that I'm off again I'm sliding back to the excruciating ankle/foot pain. Stiff back and neck and muscle spasms...

Aren't we a sight?!? Anyway, I'm here...*HUGS* to you!

12/03/2010 09:25 AM
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Smile High Hope!,

I really hope you will get off those cigarettes! I can tell you from experience, not much healing can be expected if you are still doing that.

You can always get support from me on that. Plus, it is pretty common to gain weight after quitting. So if weight loss is an issue for you, my guess is you will put it on after quitting, and maybe this will balance you out.

Anyway, not trying to lay the guilt trip on you. I just know that I went from smoking almost a pack a day, dow to half a pack, and then just a few a day. But even the lesser amount added to my Lyme symptoms bad. In fact, I always felt nauseous after smoking.

I really encourage you to quit that for good. ( But at your own pace. ) One step at a time. We are here to support you in that. You can do it!

Good that you are doing the diet changes!


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