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11/22/2010 08:06 AM

Today is the day (for HOPE)

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Hello Friends!

Well, today is the day I go to my doctor and find out the answers I have been waiting for since July.

I am nervous, yet anxious, to find out the test results.

I hope that she has them: she better!

I did ask her to mail them to me when they arrived, and I have not received them, but I cannot even imagine she has not received them after all this time!

I am very shaky and nervous...I have butterflies, yet I am anxious for answers.

I am running late, as usual, so I will post when I return and let you know what she says.

Peace and love to all!


11/22/2010 09:11 AM
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Much luck to you today Hope! "Answers" are what we want!

11/22/2010 09:57 AM
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Oh I'm excited FOR YOU! Be sure and post the results for us!

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