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11/18/2010 08:44 AM

What is this called? (burning sensation on thigh)

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Hi Everyone!

I have another strange symptom that comes and goes (don't so many of them?), and I have read that this is related to Lyme.

I have this burning sensation on the outside of my left thigh, and this is usually the only places where this happens.

When I was first unemployed (three years ago) was the first time I ever had this symptom (as all my symptoms increased at that time and new ones came on).

From knee to upper thigh, outside of my leg, I get this feeling that is exactly like a sunburn would feel.

It hurts when touched and even when material touches against it.

This lovely symptom is returning now, and I am wondering what this is called?

I used to think it was fibro, but I believe others experience this (and not just on the leg).


11/18/2010 09:11 AM
shorelinelymePosts: 1252
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Burning sensations can be quite common... Lyme can cause them, but Bartonella is really known for this as well. I would definitely have this coinfection checked.



11/18/2010 09:38 AM
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I also get this. Just a round spot on my skin where it suddenly feels very hot. It doesnt hurt, just intense heat. It can pop anywhere on me.

I am not sure if it is the Lyme or a co-infection. My LLMD thinks I have Babesia and is treating me for that. I mentioned I had some classic BArt symptoms and he said what he was giving me would treat either one.

I had a different sort of heat which may be more like what you are saying on my hands a few weeks ago. It felt like someone put my hands in a pot of boiling water and it was VERY painful. Lasted for about two days, then my hands actually peeled from wrist to fingertips. It's still peeling actually. Really gross.

I hope your meds and naturals start to help you soon! Good luck!

11/18/2010 09:57 AM
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Hope, I have had the burning sensations in various places too. And especially on the legs.

But I also get it under my arms, and actually have a little there now. But it is not unbearable.

It can be confusing for me, because I also have Herpes and it causes a sunburn type feeling too on my thighs. Usually the hamstrings area.

But it usually precedes a blister breakout. Since both herpes and Lyme affect the nerve pathways, it can be hard to distinguish between them sometimes.

Good thing is, as you mentioned, it does come and go.

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11/18/2010 07:47 PM
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I get a burning and itch in one spot on my hip. I also get the pain on the outer thigh. This is a tendon that runs from knee to hip and is very painful. The only way to make it feel slightly better is when the chiro stretches the tendon with a hard foam roller, and is similar to rolling out a pie crust.

11/19/2010 12:03 AM


My hands did the same thing..did your knuckles get round painful bumps under the skin that split open into a cut?

All of my knuckles keep getting splits, some are taking more than a month to heal. I also have thickened red scaly bands going across each wrist, and the tops of my hands are red from the fingers out, then a wide stripe of white, then red at the base and wrist.

I have raynaud's, but that doesn't cause the peeling, cuts, etc.

I am using NEEM AURA Naturals hand and body lotion. It's the only one so far that even touches it.

I hope yours subsides soon.

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11/19/2010 04:18 AM
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fabajenna, I got the cuts around my nail beds and they go right down to the meat, those little suckers hurt! My skin feels calloused even though it is peeling, and when they were enflamed I did have a white design over the red palms.

Did you get that cream at a reg. store? You are the first person I know of who has had the peeling too. Crazy stuff, right?

Hope you get well soon too!

11/19/2010 04:53 AM


I thought at first that it was an allergic reaction from the Artemesia, but even on my off weeks, it's bad. Mine has been going on since Sept.

My palms are really shiny and look and feel like they are shrinking up.

The lotion I found at the health food store. It also came in a spray.

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11/19/2010 08:45 AM
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Calendula works wonders! I have been getting a variety of new and interesting skin rashes, heat, swelling, etc. and have found that for the rash,itch,dry, cracking the Calendula cream combined with a couple of drops of the tincture brings both relief and healing. Hope this helps someone!

11/20/2010 12:17 AM
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Thank you for all the responses.

However, I know there is a name for this, as I looked it up when I first experienced the symptom, and I found something.

I am sure it is some type of nerve pain, but I remember there is an exact name for this.

Also, it is NOT a muscle pain, and it does not change color or look any different than before.

However, the lightest touch sends me into severe pain: just like when something touches a sunburn but hurts even more.

The pain is more intense if touched lightly or when clothing lightly touched the skin than if someone pressed down on the leg.

So...just like a sunburn, but no discolored skin, no rash, no peeling, no nothing. Wink

Sometimes it hurts more than other times, and sometimes it does not hurt at all, but when it "flares up," it hurst to the slightest touch.

I am going to try to find the name and post it, but heading to sleep now. Smile


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