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10/30/2008 01:15 PM

tight numbing band around waist?

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Has anyone ever heard of feeling like there is a 1-2 inch tight band around your waist??

I have felt this now for about 6-7 days. It is very annoying and concerning! almost like that part of my waist is numb! But nothing is there.....

Thanks, J


10/30/2008 03:08 PM
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I get similar things...but it is usually at the joint of my left shoulder or either hip - but I know what you are describing...get something similar in my entire spine too...but that comes with a cold, hollow feeling followed with compressions as if the top & bottom are being squished while something else is wrapped around it and clenching and releasing...

Nerve damage and the havoc it reiks is awful. Mostly having that tight pinching feeling in my hips lately - causing me to loose range of motion.

SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my dear, you are not alone - what to do about it - IDK



01/22/2009 03:00 AM
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Hi Jenny,

My name is Dani. I read your post about having a tightening band like feeling around your waist. I had that for a week or so 1 year ago. I went numb from the waist down. They found 2 lesions in my spinal cord. They said I had a rare neurological disorder called Transverse Myelitis. You should look this up.

I too was told I had MS, spinal fluid was a Maybe?? It read 1 band . Neg is 0 and pos is 2. Go figure.

I had a neighbor that has been dealing with Lyme's for 17 years. She urged me to test thru IGENEX since I was dx with Lyme's in 2004,

The test came back pos for antibodies. I went to DR. C in tampa, fl. He put me on 18 weeks, 2x day , rocephin along with Tindamax ( cyst buster).

I feel like it was a miracle. I have returned back to my almost normal self. I still have some back pain form the lesions. Meds keep the pain under control.

Hanna told me a bit about you . If you do research on the fact that Lyme's can mimic MS, you may find that with proper treatment you can reclaim your lifestyle & health back.

My lyme's dr told me never to do solumedrol because it suppresses your immune system and lets the Lyme's come back easier. I did 6 days of it IV too before he told me .

Hope this helps



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