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10/25/2008 09:43 AM

nodules - in ear lobe?

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I recently developed a small nodule in my earlobe. It's starting to get more painful.

I wonder if this is a symptom of Bartonella?

I had to stop doxycycline because the infectious disease specialist I went to wrote a letter to my primary care doctor teling them to stop giving me doxy (beware - it can happen!), so I started the Buhner protocol. It's keeping me alive - I'm doing much better than I've done in previous times when I stopped doxy, but I'm having a few Bartonella-like symptoms (even though the knotweed is supposed to help with Bartonella)- like sore soles in the AM, pain in the back of my calves, sore throats, chills, and maybe now this nodule.

I'm also worried about sarcoidosis. Are Lymies at risk for it?


10/25/2008 10:42 AM
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Hmmm - good question - wish I could answer it...

I actually get a nodule type thing every so often at my bite site - between my eyelashes of my right eye...and then in various spots right around my eyelid...causes me to rip my eyelashes out - but usually a couple of drop of pink eye meds takes care of it...

The nerve of some docs! I would write him a letter stating that if his OPINION is proved wrong, that I will be holding him responsible to interrupting my treatment, and would certainly be filing a lawsuit for malpractice against him. Should he choose to remain ignorant of the realities of this disease, that is fine, but I refuse to be kept ill because if it. I would also tell him, that because of his ignorance, he is no longer my doc, and his interference is something that I would be checking with a lawyer about. And reiterate that It is my Right to be Healthy, and after doing extensive research, have found his professional opinion to be lacking and misinformed. And I am not willing to take the risks with my life that he is willing to take with it.

You cant take that kind of stuff lying down. Neither should your PC. Isnt that why we get 2nd opinions in the first place? If he is not your doc any longer - then he has no right to interfer...and press that if he does continue to do so, you will find a way to hold him personally responsible for any setbacks his actions cause. Sounds like that doc has a BIG ego - i would make him swallow it...

But that is sorry that you have been through that experience -

Guess i better go -


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