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10/16/2010 06:26 PM

Lyme disease and Bipolar disorder

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Does anyone have Lyme and then you were diagnosed with Bipolar disorder? My doc has told me that both things are fighting against eachother and that it is what is making me stuggle with getting better.It seems no matter what antibiotic regimine I do, some symptoms go away but then old symptoms come back. Cant win at this, any input would be great. Thanks

10/16/2010 10:44 PM
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Hey Zippy,

Yep, I have the same pairing. It is a really winning combination! The two things definately conflict with eachother.

I had to stop all drug treatment, basically because there were just too many weird symtpoms and side affects that seemed to be the Lyme reacting to the bipolar drugs, or the bipolar reacting to the Lyme drugs.

Anyway, I have had to go the much harder route, and try to manage both my bipolar and my Lyme disese with very strict diet and LOTS of boundaries and limitations that keep me from over stressing or becoming over stimulated.

It is either this, or spend a whopping amount of time, money, and energy trying to figure out just the right drug combination that does not make me sicker and weirder in the long run.

I feel for you, and wish you the best, and I pray that you can find the right balance in your life. That is the key word - BALANCE!

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10/17/2010 11:20 PM
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use GOODSEARCH.COM and type in ART DOUGHERTY, then pick your charity, of course lda; there are 6-8 to pick from for doing ALL YOUR SEARCHES, the charity gets 1 cent/search!!

anyway, art did outstanding work; he had broken down all 300 OTHER ILLNESSES that overlapped lyme.

so see if you can find anything w/lyme and bi-polar; he's taken down some links, but many remain! good luck on your search.


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