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10/13/2010 02:07 PM

lyme/pulmonary hypertension

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hi folks..another difficult day for my dad who has been so ill with lyme/babesia/and i think bartonella....anyway he was just diagnosed today with severe pulmonary hypertensiom

Has anyone heard of this being connected with lyme/coinfections???

I really need someone to respond if you have heard of gut feeling is telling me there is a connection


10/14/2010 03:34 AM
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i don't know, but up we go for those who might know the answer Smile prayers headed to yoru dad. good night..

10/14/2010 06:18 AM
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hello, i read your concern over your father,i am sorry to here of his illness i have not been diagnosed pulmonary hypertension but after being active all my life until 30yrs old when all hell broke loose with undiagnosed lyme.i have now some very unusual blood vessel problems that is now affecting my ivc which i do not like at all.i have not gotten a straight answer to what causes this to happen to me the closest being we think you were sick with lyme for a long time and then this happened.i cannot stand for very long to the blood not being able to get back up ivc and have chest pains sob and palps all the time .scares the hell out of me.

07/23/2011 12:19 PM
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I have begun to have high blood pressure issues since my Lyme and Babesia 'flares' have become increasingly disabling. I am seeking more information on the connection between that and blood pressure issues, and I keep finding stories and blogs from Lymies who sound alot like your dad and me--not having a blood pressure issue before, but developing one when the Lyme/babesia symptoms became really bad. I know pain makes my BP go up, as well as anxiety, but I think this is something that just plain goes alond with Lyme and coinfections Ermm I hope your dad gets to feeling a little better. I find that deep breathing helps lower my BP, but I've also finally agreed to take some meds for it I need anymore pills...Unsure

07/24/2011 11:18 AM

I don't know. Lyme CAN affect any system in the body though, so if there isn't a genetic factor... I admit, my mind would be leaning in that direction.

Heck, I was a teenager with no prior history of heart problems, just good ole Lyme Disease, and I had some issues. It resolved itself, but still.


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