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10/12/2010 06:46 PM

The CD-57 Test

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I had the CD-57 test done. My doc expected it to be in the crapper, but it was actually very elevated. I think the range was 30-360 ( with < 60 being indicative of chronic Lyme ), but my test results were 410!!!!

He said my natural killer cells were in overdrive, but that usually they are depressed with Lyme. He said I have this high count "on my side", as my body is clearly trying to fight like hell.

Is he right? Or is he feeding me a line of bull?

Has anybody else had Lyme and a high CD-57?

I tested positive for Lyme through IgeneX last July, but I've been sick for over 5 years.



10/13/2010 12:33 AM
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My LLMD said something about a high CD57 was indicative of a severe coinfection or strep infection.

10/13/2010 12:59 AM
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CD 57 is an INFLAMMATION MARKER in your body.

go to SEARCH in upper right hand corner, type in

cd57 results in LYME forum click search, read thru summary.

someone posted a complete explanation of that.

also when you use search, after the brief comments you type wanting info ALWAYS TYPE LYME FORUM before clicking search.

mdj has over 700 OTHER boards ok Smile

10/13/2010 06:44 AM
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Thank you. I do have lots of SED rate is pretty high.

10/13/2010 06:50 PM
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Lyme doc on CD-57 test.

However, in my opinion and experience, this marker has not been clinically useful.

10/14/2010 04:06 PM
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No unfortunately it is not clinically Reliable...however, an educated LLMD will use it as a marker - a test that gives them an idea of the scope of the problem...

10/14/2010 04:12 PM
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Has anybody else ever had a number this high ( 410 )? The highest one I've seen was in the upper 100's. Most were below 100.

I can't help it. This does worry me alot.

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12/19/2010 07:42 PM
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I just got my test results & my absolute CD57 is 486, so I win! (Just kidding.)

My new doc is having me get a Igenix Western Blot done next since he said he did have one pt that had a high CD57 and still tested positive for lymes.

This is the first lymes testing I've ever had done.

Honestly, I'm kind of glad that something is finally showing up since my wierd but worsening symptoms have often left me (& probably my old MD) thinking I was just getting old & being a crazy wimpy woman! (The usual inflammatory markers had all been negative.)

If anyone else has any extra info, let me know. Now I'm anxious to see what the Igenix test will show.

12/20/2010 01:05 AM
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welcome zophie Smile wow, high no.

make sure you have your blood tested either MON. OR TUES; make out promptly for overnight shipping.

if it sits in post offices over weekends, it will NOT BE ACCURATE. for prices paid, you want accurate results!

see my welcome letter i'm sending you by private message; read igenex info NOW!

bettyg, iowa leader Smile

12/20/2010 04:53 AM
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Another good test to run for immune function is the C4a test. It is a complement protein that indicated toxicity and inflammation.

This test takes a couple of weeks since it requires a frozen blood specimen and some pretty advanced testing techniques. My insurance paid for it, even though LabCorp had to send it out to Cambridge Labs.

My CD-57 was also at a really good level. However, my c4a, which is supposed to be at 358-1883, was 10600 (and this was after a freaking year of treatment). Sad Super toxic, anyone?!?

Hope this helps...and good luck!


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