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10/23/2008 04:53 PM

Anyone else have low libido w lyme

seymour7Posts: 140

Hi-I know lots of medicines can have negative results for our sex drive (esp antidepressants-ssri)but do many others with lyme out there not only have decreased sex drive but no orgasms.

This problem has been going on for yrs now, and I know lyme can cause this.Anyone have any thoughts/ideas/suggestions.

Im only 33 and feel this topic is small compared to all the other issues with lyme.Luckily I have an understanding fiance,but I feel bad for him too.My dr gave me some samples of viagra (havent tried them).I didnt want to add another pill into my system.


10/24/2008 06:55 AM

Well, I'll jump in, since everyone else seems to avoiding this topic in droves. Smile

You ask a very good question. And my, non-medical opinion but backed up by reading a lot of Lyme support boards, is that Lyme can indeed be responsible for low libido. Sad

I don't know if anything specific can be done to help (except to keep on treating for Lyme and co-infections if you have them.)

I think you're doing the right thing by not adding Viagra to your mix of pills. That's my personal opinion.

Viagra has a whole bunch of adverse side effects---- for men and women.

The right therapist (and some tasteful sites online) might be able to coach you and your finance in developing ways to satisfy both of you in the sexual arena. (It doesn't always have to involve the 'missionary position'.) Smile

10/24/2008 07:58 AM
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I've been away from the actual board part of the site for a few days, been feeling pretty low, sorry. So I haven't been responding to much. But I've had almost now libido for a number of YEARS, and I honestly relate it to LD. I did read in Dr. Burrascano's guide that there's a relationship between LD and pituitary insufficiency, but most doctors don't ever even look, and most patients are too timid or afraid to say anything about it. Most doctors don't have a clue about pituitary insufficiency, so even if they understood it, they wouldn't even have any idea how to test about it.

Here's the link for Dr. Burrascano's guide, if you haven't already printed it out, I'd recommend you take a look. In the first few pages, it addresses pituitary insufficiency. You can highlight the section and take it to your doctor if any other symptoms make sense to you and see if he can run some tests. It does give an idea of how to test for it. AdvancedTopicsInLymeDisease.pdf

Hope that helps some!



10/24/2008 09:19 AM
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OMG - I have been up & down and all around - when the adreadal were shut down - it was the most awful thing when the topic came up...Wink

I have found a way..but i would say insist on having the harmones checked. VERY important...

I also went to a homeopath who had given me some drops & a few supplements to jump start my system...was preggo the next month - so it helped Smile.

And luckily I have an IUD which is only available to women after having at least 1 kid - but it keeps an even flow of harmones a flowin...

PM me if you have any questions


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10/24/2008 10:31 AM

Hey I will jump in...Smile

Mine was great until I had my Hyst 9 years ago, then it went down hill...So I can't blame lyme on this one...And it SUCKS we are way to young.

My sister has tried the Viagra and LOVES it, sad it gives back what nature has taken from us "Do to the age factor"...She is going through the "Change at the moment.....I have not tried it yet...She did give me some...But I'm a chicken to try it...I have so many allergies...

I would have your doctor check your levels...My friend is going through the change and is only 36 years of age...Getting old sucks ladies...


10/24/2008 11:30 AM
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I am recommending bioidentical progesterone cream. If used according to directions (may want to check w/your doctor) 1/4 tsp rubbed into fatty area of the body twice per day, except during your cycle, you will not only experience increased libido but more rested sleep. Natural progesterone helps to balance estrogen dominance and has many beneficial features such as building bone density, etc. A good website is Dr. John R. Lee, lots of good articles. The brand I use is Life Flo, it's a premeasured pump and most health food stores carry several brands of progesterone cream.

10/24/2008 11:39 AM

*****Prevention of plant wilting

A low-concentration solution of sildenafil in water significantly prolongs the time before cut flowers wilt; one experiment showed a doubling in time from one week to two weeks.

The mechanism of action is similar to that in humans: nitric oxide leads to the production of cGMP whose degradation by PDE5 is inhibited by sildenafil.[25]*****

11/03/2008 02:06 AM
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11/23/2008 02:08 PM
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What about the chances of transmitting lyme to partner. I understand it can be transmitted that way. Any comments...

06/24/2009 10:35 AM
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You are definitely not alone. This is a big question of mine, also. I was finally officially diagnosed with Chronic Lyme 6 months ago, and will be on meds for 3 more years. The more my doctor looks into it, he (and I) think that I have actually had it for about 8 years based on my symptoms and a mysterious rash I had 8 years ago that my doctor dismissed as a possible spider bite!

Anyway, I have had absolutely no sex drive for 8 years now. I'm now 32 years old, and think I'm a little young for this change. I associated it with stress from work or something, but it is just completely gone. I used to have a pretty high sex drive, so it's a really noticeable change. It is so bad that not only do I have no desire, but I'd rather not do it at all. I just don't want to. It's like the opposite sex doesn't even exist. Even moviestars I used to find attractive, I could care less about! My poor husband - this isn't what he signed up for!

I've been reading up on it, and looking to support groups for others with this problem. I was wondering if you have heard of it coming back after treatment is over??? I just feel like that isn't a part of my life anymore, and that just sucks!

My primary care doctor did a testosterone test, and my levels were really low. We're going to try that route, but I have a feeling it's all due to the Lyme.

So, you are not alone. I just hope that for our sake, it does eventually come back.

Keep me posted! Good luck with your treatment.



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