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09/29/2010 12:28 AM

Leg muscle indentation

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One of the main symptoms of my Lyme has been electric shock like pains in one leg.

The pain has always been intense, but generally very brief and very localized.

The spot is on my left leg about two inches below the knee, just to the outside of my shin.

I've actually not had any electric shock pains for six weeks now, although I have had some general leg achiness which I attribute to Lyme.

But recently I noticed the shape of my calf muscle on that leg now has an indentation that runs parallel to my shin from the point of the pain down about 3 inches.

This would have developed recently since I have persistently watched for any visible evidence of the cause of pain in my leg.

I'm glad the pain is gone, but I'm not sure how much to worry about the physical change.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or experiences from others that might help me.



09/29/2010 06:29 AM
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You described where the sciatic nerve runs down through that part of the leg. The indentation? Well...If you are inactive or not as active as you once were you can have muscle wasting or atrophe...especially if you are having nerve problems there..

That's what happened to me in my early 20's...I've never recovered my muscle tone.


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