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09/25/2010 11:45 PM

Scleroderma and Lyme?

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I never knew too much about scleroderma but ran across some info. when searching to figure out if my skin problem is lyme associated.

I have noticed on the knuckles of my right hand that they feel hard and calloused and itch a lot..All around my fingertips and fingernails I have calloused feeling skin that I pull off sometimes..

I've always thought I just wash my hands too much. But now I'm wondering due to the pain and itching I've noticed in these same areas as well as the elbows.

Does anyone know if scleroderma is also lyme related? Does anyone have these same types of hardening of the skin on the knuckles or toes and elbows?

I really couldn't find anything on an internet search linking lyme and these symptoms although I know lyme can do anything to us.


09/26/2010 03:15 AM
shorelinelymePosts: 1252
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Yes- this can be Lyme related.


09/26/2010 12:47 PM
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YES, it is lyme related; 1 of 300 other illness overlapping lyme.

google ART DOUGHERTY; he used to have info showing all 300 other diseases & lyme; had studies, etc. shown.

see what you can find of his work; outstanding.


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