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10/15/2008 02:36 PM

Hydrogen Peroxide: A Warning and a Dangerous Scam


Taken intravenously, it can damage blood vessels at the site of injection, produce bubbles in the bloodstream, and lead to life-threatening allergic reactions.

It's obvious that some people will try to sell anything to make a buck, but it's hard to believe that purchasers can be so gullible. It seems now that nothing short of an FDA warning will dissuade some consumers from ingesting lethal doses of hydrogen peroxide.

For some time now I've been aware of Internet ads for pills containing oxygen and for bottles of high-strength hydrogen peroxide. I hadn't paid much attention because I thought it unlikely that anyone would be dumb enough to buy them. Apparently, though, enough people have bought high-strength hydrogen peroxide to prompt the FDA warning not to purchase or use these products.

For many years low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (3 percent) have been applied safely to the skin as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent.

Now advertisers promote ingestion of 35 percent "food grade" hydrogen peroxide products such as Oxywater and Oxylife as a therapeutic agent to fight cancer, AIDS, and other conditions, as well as to maintain optimal health. Some ads state, correctly, that "35 percent concentrated hydrogen peroxide is densely packed with oxygen molecules."

Unfortunately, those oxygen molecules do not get into the red blood cells that carry oxygen to body tissues. Rather, hydrogen peroxide leads to the formation of dangerous free radicals - which many of the same comsumers, ironically, are probably trying to control by taking antioxidants like vitamin E.

One argument to justify taking supplementary oxygen comes from an article in The Idaho Observer. "Due to the burning of fossil fuels and the reduction of our rain forests, the oxygen levels in our atmosphere have been depleted to the point that it is absolutely necessary to supplement our diets with oxygen products if we are to achieve vibrant health."

In fact, there is still plenty of oxygen in the air and breathing it into our lungs is the only way to supply our bodies with oxygen.

One "expert" often cited in ads for hydrogen peroxide therapy is the same person who first gained fame for his treatment of the nonexistent disorder systemic candidiasis.

Yes, people can have a dangerous systemic infection with candida (yeast), but he championed aggressive treatment of intestinal yeast infections because he claims they cause a multitude of systemic symptoms. Now based in Mexico, he also claims to have treated thousands of cancer patients with intravenous hydrogen peroxide.

Another promoter is William C. Douglass, author of Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle. One advertisement says that "interest in the oral and infusion use of hydrogen peroxide heralds one of the greatest advances in the treatment of the ailments of mankind in recent history."

According to one site, "the normal dosage (of 35 percent hydrogen peroxide) is 1 tablespoon on arising and 1 tablespoon at bedtime on an empty stomach. The dosage can be doubled or even tripled with complete safety."

The FDA warning states that high-strength hydrogen peroxide products can cause serious harm or death when ingested. Ingestion can cause ulceration or irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. Taken intravenously, it can damage blood vessels at the site of injection, produce bubbles in the bloodstream, and lead to life-threatening allergic reactions.

The American Cancer Society has stated that hydrogen peroxide does not help to cure cancer. Promoters of ingesting hydrogen peroxide use the usual dodge to explain such opposition by medical associations as well as by drug companies to the use of these products: that they are unpatentable, inexpensive, and can take the place of many other medications.

I don't know how they will explain away the FDA warnings, but I'm sure they will continue to advertise these products, and I'm fearful that many people will continue to use them.

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10/15/2008 02:44 PM


(ATN) Warning: Hydrogen Peroxide Might Stimulate HIV Growth

AIDS TREATMENT NEWS #132, August 9, 1991

John S. James

Researchers at Stanford University have told AIDS TREATMENT NEWS that hydrogen peroxide has been found to stimulate growth of HIV in laboratory tests. Apparently it does this by affecting the complex systems of chemical messengers which control cell (and viral) growth. A second laboratory has confirmed much of the initial findings.

About three years ago there was considerable "underground" interest, in San Francisco at least, in hydrogen peroxide as an AIDS treatment; people would drink a dilute solution, or bathe in it.

AIDS TREATMENT NEWS did not cover this proposed treatment, except for brief mentions in issues #49 and #69. Almost everyone we found who was interested in hydrogen peroxide was selling various preparations of it, and therefore we could not tell how much of the enthusiasm expressed came from personal experience and how much came from financial interest.

The new laboratory information about potential dangers has not yet been published. Also, there is no data on whether hydrogen peroxide has the same effects in the body.

Despite the incomplete information, we decided to publish this warning as soon as possible so that anyone drinking hydrogen peroxide as an AIDS or HIV treatment could be advised to stop.

10/15/2008 03:31 PM

Hey Cave so much controversy on this subject, some say cancer can not live in an oxygen rich enviroment same for viruses and bacteria.Its probably dangerous for someone like me (and i did) to consume 35% H202

without a Doc. But is it legal for a doctor to start IV H202 Therapy? if so it must be condoned by the medical establishment? and have some merit.Excellent post. I find if you want to find good stuff re H202 its easy, if you want to find bad stuff re H202 its also easy ..people tend to search for what they believe in and take either the positive or negative side whatever suits them. So the biggy is ,Is it a legal medical protocol for disease and if so why?

10/15/2008 03:34 PM
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I have to admit I'd be a bit concerned about it, mainly cuz in pets we use it to induce vomiting...I would probably never want to ingest it, I'd never recommend taking it IV...But that's my own opinion. I know what it does to pets in both forms, and I'd rather not risk it myself. Humans and animals are very close in how they react to things, and I'm not gonna go there...

10/15/2008 03:41 PM

Fluffy: I agree I had to give it to my dog and he vomited for two days (We had to give it to him as he ate a MOUSE). I don't think I would ever try it...I have heard of people doing it....Not worth the risk for me...I'm a chicken...

05/20/2012 03:37 AM
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Hydrogen Peroxide at 90% concentration is actually rocket fuel used by NASA. At 35% concentration it will burn your skin. But at 3% concentration is sold in drugstores all over the world and used as antiseptic.

My question: why would drinking a 1% or weaker solution of Food-grade H2O2 [without the stabilizers used in the drugstore stuff] ON AN EMPTY STOMACH be dangerous? Or why would intravenous administration of a weak solution be dangerous? After all, Colostrum contains it and the body actually produces it as a source of intra-cellular oxygen. Hospitals routinely give patients supplemental oxygen to breathe. Where is the problem?

05/20/2012 07:39 AM
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I have done & still occasionally do Food Grade H2O2 flushes. There is a formula to dilute the H2O2 down to the proper % to take.

I know 4 other people suffering from LD & Co., not including myself & my 8 yr. old son that have done a H2O2 flush & none of us have ever had a problem with it.

The only problem with taking the solution is when it is inside the body, it will break down into Hydrogen & Oxygen. Oxygen is a free radical. These Free Radicals need to be addressed so they will not cause cell damage.

Noni is a very good supplement to take to help stabilize these Free Radicals.

05/20/2012 09:02 AM
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I appreciate you sharing this info with us- there's probably a lot of truth to it, but also be aware that just like Washington has lobbyists to protect the interest of big business (how else could you have cigarettes- known carcinogens- still be legal to purchase), big medicine also has people fighting to protect their interests.

For years, I claimed that the FDA and AMA were working in the public's best interest, but upon further examination- partially through Lyme- I found that in many cases, they were far more concerned with the needs of big Pharma and big medicine.

I love the story of how when Royal Rife refused to sell the Rife machine technology to the AMA, they shut him down.

I also love how the CDC refuses to admit that Lyme even exists in areas where people are diagnosed every day. There's hundreds of similar examples.

I think the truth will always lie somewhere in between. There's always going to be hucksters trying to sell snake-oil remedies to desperate, sick people. That's the awful truth. But there's also some remedies that might just work that are not something that cannot be turned into a profit center.

When people doubt me on this, I always ask them- despite the fact that technology has never advanced at a faster pace in history, can anyone tell me of one condition that's been cured- as opposed to "managed"- over the last 30 years?

Again, thanks for the insight into this- it has given me pause to think about this treatment for my mom who's suffering from colon and lung cancer.

05/20/2012 03:38 PM
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I'm curious if anyone here has ever mixed H2O2 with blood. Does anyone know what happens? The H2O2 breaks down into water and oxygen bubbles.

Any kind of bubbles in the bloodstream can cause heart attack or stroke, and actually *block* oxygen from getting to where it needs to go.

Does anyone know the only path into our bodies where gaseous oxygen is beneficial? Our lungs. That is why some people are given extra oxygen to *breathe*.

Use some common sense everyone.

06/28/2012 05:38 AM
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