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10/14/2008 11:47 AM

Vitamin C and Salt protocol????

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Hello everyone, I have been treating Lyme with Abxs for 1 year now, Im not even close to being recovered.

I do everything my LLMD tells me to do, low sugar, no alcohol..ect. and Im still just not getting over that hump.

Anyone else like me?? I still have chronic fatigue, wide

spread body pain, brain fog and now, nerve damage to both arms, hands and feet.

I have been checking into alternative methods.. Has anyone heard of the salt and vit. C therapy?

Or has anyone gotton better from Lyme? if so what made you better? I would love it if you all would share you experiences with me. thanks, Sandie


10/14/2008 12:09 PM
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Cool screen name, by the way.

The Salt and Vitamin C protocol is promoted by those that also promote the MarshallProtocol as a cure for Lyme.

The argument, that we have hurt ourselves by eating low salt diets (for heart health), is a tenuous one at best, and the one that they base most of their claims on. They claim that we didn't have all these ills back in the early to mid 1900s, because we didn't restrict our salt so much...and salt is an immune booster and infection killer, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah....

So you can see that I am of the opinion that it is an unnecessary form of treatment, as is the Marshall Protocol, which was developed by a person who was trying to cure his sarcoidosis, not Lyme.

Vitamin C is promoted by a lot of doctors, and generally is not a really bad thing. It can be tough on the veins, by IV, but it is beneficial for wound healing and energy. I have rejected it when my doc wanted me to do it, because I don't believe it will benefit me much, but that is a personal choice I made.

I have been in treatment for 14 months now and wish I were further along the road to recovery as well. But treatment for Lyme is a marathon for some of us, and we have to force ourselves to be patient.

If you think supplementation will help you, please discuss it with your doctor. It's best that you both toss the idea around so that you avoid any possible interactions with your other meds.

If you search some of the previous postings, there are many members who share their story of getting better from Lyme, but I'm sure others will answer you here as well.


10/14/2008 12:33 PM

If a person's look at the Vit C and Salt 'therapy' is through the following people/sites then the information given by them should be balanced with a GOOD look at the opposite side of the issue, one more interested in medical science.

A certain doctor in WA

Bryan Rosner

Connie Strasheim

From the website

LymeStrategies forum

----- and many more. More than I can count. Sad

Best of luck to you.

10/14/2008 04:31 PM
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Amen, Cave!

The people she mentioned should be taken with a 500 pound grain of

salt! Figuratively, of course.

Predators and snake oil salesperons.


10/15/2008 08:45 AM
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Hi Tom and Cave, Thanks for your response, I just want my life back,

have either of you tried anything to use with Abxs to give more energy?

thanks, Sandie

10/15/2008 09:21 AM

Wanting your life back is a very good goal, one we all aim for.

Some of us 'get it back', some of us get most of it back. A few struggle and struggle and have many ups and downs during their long treatment. (I hope you'll be in the first category.)

However, if a person wants a 'simple' one paragraph explanation as to how YOU can get your life back, I'm afraid you have the wrong disease. (I don't say that in a 'mean' way----- it's just the truth)

Some people (most people?) can tell you what worked for THEM. That's just for them, not for everyone.

I got my life back (to a large degree) after years of antibiotics.

Some will 'get it back' after using supplements for a fairly short time.

That just shows you the difficulty in answering in one post how YOU can get your life back. Sad

As far as "more energy"----- that's a fuzzy statement. Smile Do you mean the energy you've lost that makes you feel like a wet noodle and makes you unable to barely get out of bed?

Or do you mean, you want to be able to hike and climb mountains as you did before you got Lyme. Smile

Some doctors rx meds to help with 'energy'. They didn't help me, but you might be helped by them. It's all individual.

If you're being seen by an llmd, you can ask him about those.

10/15/2008 09:44 AM
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Hi buttercakes.

I am fully recovered from answer one of your questions. I also was under the care of a physician who prescribed a variety of homeopathics, herbals and nutritional sups to kill bugs, build my immune system, and replenish depleted nutritional stores. I didn't take any conventional antibiotics. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against them. I just didn't have to use them to treat my Lyme and coinfections. I also used other therapies including hbot, fir sauna , acupuncture and chiropractic care. I had some ivs,too. My doc does complementary medicine and can presribe conventional meds when necessary. That gave me a lot of comfort. I like parts of Western Medicine,too.

I have no experience with the vit c/ salt protocol.

If you have any specific questions , feel free to post them or pm me...either way.



10/15/2008 10:18 AM
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Hi Cave, Just being able to get out off bed and stay out for more then a few hours would be nice. I would love to be able to go back to work too. I understand that there is no MIRACLE CURE for Lyme, it seems that some people do better then others,as far as recovery or remission goes.My LLMD only uses drugs,so I would like to hear what others have to say about their alternitive therapies. We never know unless we ask. thanks,Sandie

10/15/2008 10:25 AM
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Hi Connie, Your fully recovered?? Good for you! I would love to hear about the differnt therapies you have used.

I will pm you, Thanks Connie, Sandie

11/18/2008 06:22 PM
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Hi Connie,

I think I talked to you before. That's great you're healed. Please share your story if you can.




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