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08/25/2010 06:29 PM

my spirit is gone

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today my legs feel as everyone has describes. has anyone have any petechiae (blood spots) on their arms? i am trying to figure out if i got bit a long time ago making this new bite my second bite. years ago i went to the doctor for petchiae and being tired. i am just trying to put two and two together. one more thing. i am not a resident of pennsylvania but i got bit there. the SB1199 is back on again. it is in the Banking &

Insurance Committee - where it is currently stuck. they will vote on it again in september. sounds like this will not go down because it will cost too much for insurance. call your senators today!!!! call your family and have them call their friends. pass it on like all the junk mail we all get.

[b]there is also a house bill HB894 which will also be up in september.

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08/26/2010 02:24 AM
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hi nes Smile

i suggest you EDIT your post and CUT out the info about penn lyme bill.

then click on GROUP COMMUNITY on left side, go to bottom post, click on ACTIVISM

now look for my post on STATE LYME BILLS; now in that post start a new post about penn lyme bill and have that and bill no. as being your TOP SENTENCE LIKE A SUBJECT LINE.

paste it there; make a copy of your new info, click


now click on SUPPORT forum; look for ACTIVISM post; click on NEW post there, and PASTE your penn info there too. it's an ONGOING ALL ACTIVISM things go in that post.

in real activism post, LAST forum we can chose, it should be broken up better; read all the sticky pins there; they remain at the top. Smile


petchiae (blood spots) on their arms; go to upper right hand corner and type in

petchiae in lyme forum click search

go past ads; read the summaries there; we just had an extensive talk about those red things.Dizzy


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