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08/16/2010 12:11 PM

Seven year old son complaining of a stiff neck


This scares the bejesus out of me. He's been complaining for a while, but we thought it was from swimming twice a day at day camp. He shows no other symptoms, but my first symptom was a stiff crackly neck two years ago. So far he says it's not crackily. I try not to coach him, but he knows Daddy has Lyme disease.

Taking him to the pedatrician tomorrow with a completed Igenex WB form in hand. Will not leave until he signs it.

This probably is not Lyme and I'm sure I'm overreacting. But 7 year olds shouldn't have stiff sore necks. He doesn't have a fever, nor swollen glands. Just couldn't forgive myself if I ignored this and it turned out to be Lyme.

But I can say, if the pedatrician refuses to sign the form, I'll find someone who will. At this point I know way more about Lyme disease than any pediatrician. With the execption of Dr. Jones of course.


08/16/2010 01:32 PM
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On the subject of kids- my daughter was almost 4yrs old when she complained of a sore back! Then it was headaches on and off then she would say her heart was beating funny. I never suspected Lyme. My symptoms were nothing like hers. She had these symptoms for amost 5 yrs. They all went away when she was treated. The sooner the better. Good luck.Wink

08/16/2010 01:46 PM

Thank you. How old is your daughter now? Is she ok?

08/16/2010 01:54 PM
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She is doing pretty good-thank you. We were both on meds for about 16 months. Dr. took her off completely 1 month ago and she has had a couple of headaches and difficulty paying attention- I forgot that was a little bit of an issue too. So I am keeping a close eye on her. My next appt. is in Sept. and if she is not pain and headache free- we will re-evaluate her.

My doctor has a lot of faith in the "cat's claw" herb. I just can't get her to take it. The Doc claims it penetrates the protein shell of the bacteria so it can kill the bacteria. Just the Cat's claw does not work for me.

How long have you had Lyme?

08/16/2010 02:04 PM

Thanks, it will be a long three week wait for the Igenex test results to come back. So far, no attention or headache issues. Just a sore neck. It did start when he started day camp and swimming twice a day, just two months ago. But again, 7 year old's shouldn't have sore necks. He can point right to the spot where it hurts. We haven't ever given him anything for pain. Hasn't been that bad.

This kid has just never been sick. He's had the sniffels a few times, but has never had the flu, never thrown up and has never taken an antibiotic. He's just been so health so far.

I just hope this isn't Lyme...

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08/17/2010 03:25 PM

Just had the mother of all confrontations with my sons pediatrician. Took him for an exam because his neck is hurting him, and he was complaining of leg muscle soreness last night.

But it DID get ugly. I asked to speak to the doctor privately after the exam and told him of my battle with late stage disseminated Lyme disease. Told him I wanted my son tested and asked him to sign an Igenex lab form.

He made the mistake of calling Igenex "That Lab". Never used the F word in front of a doctor in my life. I lost count today. I blocked the door; he would have had to put his hands on me to leave the room. I'm glad it didn't get to that point because one of us would have ended up in the ER and me in jail. Real close to Lyme rage...

For every point, I had a ready counter point. From Lyme being a clinical diagnosis to the flawed Dearborn protocal. From the missing bands on a junk Lyme WB to the need for a Lyme vaccine for a disease that's supposedly, "Hard to get and easy to cure". Told him of the conflicts of interest within the IDSA.

In the end his exact words were, "You win" and he signed it. But then he said if this test is positive it won't be taken seriously by any infectious disease doctor in the area. My answer was, "Why the Fxxk would I take him to an ID, they caused this mess in the first place."

Told him when I was diagnosed I couldn't even get an ID in my area to let me make an appointment. Told him how I almost lost my ability to walk as well as my business. And how much I've improved since long term ABX therapy.

My wife usually takes our son to the doctor. This time is was my turn and I'm glad I did.

In the end my son probably does not have Lyme, but I'll have the peace of mind that comes from doing the right thing for my son. He's my life...

I handed him my legal copy of UOS and asked him if he had the courage to watch it. I got the feeling he wouldn't. Probably $30 down the drain.

We will be switching pediatricians as soon as the report comes back - either way. I lost complete confidence in this man. He only signed it to shut me up and get to his next patient.

Up to this point we thought he was a good pediatrician, but our son has always been healthy. Only goes once a year for his well checkup. You don't know how good a doctor is until there is a medical need. This man failed...

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08/17/2010 04:08 PM
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wow, john! hugs to you my dear friend.

so glad you went & stood up for your son and for igenex for being "that lab"! YOU WIN! finally 1 victory.

so glad you were on top of all the arguments he made.

best wishes on finding that new ped for your son AFTER you get all the results you need to move on past this AWFUL DETERMENT in your life!

prayers headed to you john/family. hugs

bettyg, iowa leader/activist Kissing

08/18/2010 10:05 AM
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John will you go to the Dr. with me LOL

I don't have the strength to fight right now. I started banderol and samento a month or more ago and have herxed so badly had to go off and haven't been the same since.

I don't know how long it will take for this work out of my system I'm about 50% back to where I was before samento and banderol...

Someone suggested that I do just the samento for a while...I think I will try that. I do know that when I used cats claw I would herx exactly 20 minutes later EACH time with a fever...and it caused me to pass kidney stones within 24 hours of my first dose....

SO I truly believe in this stuff...

08/18/2010 10:14 AM

Depends on the day... Smile

Yesterday I just happened to be feeling really good and ready for a fight, which I got.

08/18/2010 01:22 PM
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Aww, Bill, it will be okay! I think he should be treated even if that test isn't positive. I wonder what that doctor will think if it does...

You know, when I arrived home from Arizona (only because my friend practically carried me to the car and drove me non-stop 27 hours to get to my family), my mommy went to the doctor with me when I was having palpatations and electric shock. The doctor said it was panic.

I'm 27, not 7, and she stood up, stomped her foot, hands on hips, nostrils flared, eyes squinted and she got those really rosy cheeks she gets when she gets *evil*, and declared that she knew her daughter and that this was not panic. I hadn't seen that look since I was 5 and used to knock over plants, and roll in the dirt on the dining room floor. (Yes, I did do Usually after a good bath.) Smile

So, you aren't the only parent...

I know I will be the same way when I have children. It doesn't matter what age they are, they are always your babies; and when you have to, sometimes you have to rain down hard to get your point across. Might as well start practicing now. You'll still be fighting for him still when he's 50. Smile


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