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07/30/2010 07:31 PM

Legs giving out

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This morning my mom woke me up ringing my doorbell. I got out of bed to answer it and as soon as I stood up, I fell down. It continued to happen as I pulled myself up on the bed. I just crawled to the door. My legs, especially my knees, feel weak and wobbly now. After I sat for a few minutes I tried again and could walk. Does this happen with Lyme commonly and should I be concerned?

I don't normally have problems walking, besides walking sideways and into things.

I have Lyme and Bartonella.

I am in treatment. I have been for about 3 weeks with oral antibiotics. Before that I was taking medication to stabilize me.

This is my medication list if it helps:

Antibiotics -









Vitamin D






Saccharomyces Boulardii

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Coenzyme Q10



Magnesium Malate


N-Acetyl L-Cysteine




Thank you in advanced. I appreciate any feedback.


07/30/2010 08:36 PM
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Yes you remind me of me! Last year my legs gave out on me too.. Now they act weak like they are going to give out on me.. but for me it comes and goes.. someone told me it could be a herxheimer reaction..

I always walk quicker in the evenings are you like that too? When I have the energy I will go to the gym and do the machines for about 1/2 hr. I am walking fine when i go in, then when i get off the machine my weak jelly legs come back again.

It is embarasing but i have learned a lesson in humility... I have learned to hold my head up high.. Being like this has made me a stronger person even though people may stare at times you just have to remind yourself they don't know any better.. The general public knows little about lyme disease..

As far as doctors telling you that you need a shrink well again you just have to remember they don't know any better.. The medical community was taught little about lyme disease.

I was reading about your sound sensitivity and light sensitivity and speech problems. I have and had all three in a big way last year.. I would do the same thing as you when my brother closed the car door. I would get really anoyed b/c it hurt my ears so much.. I would brace myself every time anyone would close the car door.

My symptoms aren't as bad now and you should know you probably won't always feel as bad as you do now. Eventually you should be functioning much better.. With lyme kiling the bacteria gives us the herxheimer reaction which is actually showing us the treatment is working. Unfortunately the herx can make us feel like complete shit.. It is good for you to find safe and natural ways to lessen the herx reaction so your symtoms are less severe.

I went through and still get the weak legs and funny walk and stutter and all the other symptoms you mentioned but they come on with the herx or with a flare up of lyme symptoms. I beilieve I have the lyme and Bart, babs, and who knows what else.. LOL!

I know what you mean about getting aggitated with people I was really senstive last year.. It did pass for me as treatment and time go on.. I do understand b/c for me it was intense aggrivation.. I could go on and on about all my other symptoms and odd dreams I had but If you need a friend i am here!



Sounds like you were put on the right meds to me..

You might want to ask you doctor if it is ok if you take Milk thistle to detox your liver at some point this should help lesson the herxheimer reaction..

Are you taking baths in the morning with epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide?

07/30/2010 09:19 PM
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I've been taking hot baths with Epsom salt at night. I didn't know about the peroxide. I have also tried the lemon drink I saw on these forums. I'll ask my doc about the milk thistle. I probably am being bad about detoxing.

My life is so consumed by drama because of... people hurting me because of my Lyme... or not understanding I'm sick... that I have stopped taking care of my Lyme as much as I should.

I had a huge rage where I threw glass plates all over the ground and flushed a weeks worth of meds down the toilet the other day, which makes me feel TERRIBLE. I'm sure we all experience this the ignorance, but how much people don't understand is so crappy. I know my moods can be a problem, but even friends who don't see that part are always thinking I'm ignoring them and I get sick of hearing it all.

I absolutely feel like I can walk better at night, but I also think I get crazier in the head at night. I live alone so I can avoid the anger a lot more than some people maybe. If you read my first thread, I did leave my husband. I left him because he was making me sicker the first month I got sick. I haven't spoken to him since. He has done nothing but insult me since (in emails and such).

To me, it has been up and down so much that I don't even know what a herx is. I guess a lot of people have a hard time telling what one is. I thought it could be stress, but I think it could be herxing too.

I always think of how much stronger this has made and the positives... and then you know, I get real sick again and I am like "life sucks!!!!!!!!!!" I barely have any light and sound sensitivity anymore. That was my first symptom to go, thank God. That was the worst for me, but maybe I just associate it with when I was at my sickest. Light you can avoid more. Sound... was almost impossible to avoid and still could hurt with earplugs and headphones on.

I appreciate your help. I mean, every new thing I experience makes me think I'm going to die or some more terrible things will happen. Who would ever know so many things could go wrong with the human body at once... especially from a tick bite... and we still live! And I am here if you need me too Smile

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07/31/2010 12:50 AM
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mag, get up SLOWLY; many folks are dizzy when laying down; it's happened to me too. hugs/kisses to you.

headed to bed...bettyg, iowa leader


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