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09/17/2008 05:27 PM

Feeling good

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Hello friends,

Many of you have been so supportive in helping me navigate my way through this infection that my 13 year old daughter has as well as myself. I just wanted to say I thought she was dying for sure last winter. Since 4/4/08 she has been on medication and immune support product and is now a different child. She's got along way to go still since she missed a year developmentally, but thank you all for being there immediately when I had a question or concern.

As for myself, just diagnosed 7/15/08. All neuro lyme and with medication and immune support, I too am stringing together longer spans of time, almost getting a full day.

I do PM people now and then, but just wanted to thank all of you. Jaime, Connie, and Lymie (could that be right? or is it my brain? ) Thanks again.

Betsy and Emma


09/18/2008 09:38 AM
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Betsy and Emma,

I'm SO glad to hear this!!! My heart is jumping! I know how sick Emma was, it just broke my heart. I'm glad we found her the doc we did, he's amazing. And I'm glad I talked you into getting tested as well. Soon you'll both be on your way to running and playing and enjoying life!



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