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06/29/2010 01:31 PM

Can I do the Igenex test while on the antibiotic?

suweiPosts: 204

My western blot test came back Igenex positive,but I just want to know I was taking antibiotic while doing the test before,will it affect the test result?

Does anyone know?


06/29/2010 02:17 PM
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I don't think abx will give you a false positive. I don't know about a false negative though.

06/29/2010 08:03 PM
Posts: 144

My LLMD is actually purposely having me be on abx for three weeks and then do the western blot right after because it will provoke the immune system/antibodies to fight against the dying spirochetes! So no from what I understand is that it will actually make it more accurate of what is really going on inside ourselves! Hope that makes sense : )

06/29/2010 10:14 PM
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i is addressed in dr. c's western blot explanation, but i CAN'T remember either; so you can check in the link i gave you in welcome letter or go to LYME FACTS.

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