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06/27/2010 07:53 PM

Does Marijuana help Lyme disease?

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The title pretty much says it all, does weed help ease lyme symptoms? even the cognitive ones?

Or is weed a bad idea to use while suffering with Lyme Disease.?


06/27/2010 09:06 PM
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I've read on here that it might be an immune suppressant, which isn't good, but if you smoke/ingest cannabis sativa, it might actually give you energy. I remember one member saying that smoking gave him energy. I honestly don't know what it will do, but it will probably help with the pain and give you an appetite if you are having appetite problems.

06/27/2010 09:37 PM
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I was a daily user for the last 2 years, just quit 1 month ago. I have had lyme for 5 years.

It really really helped with my appetite, but it also made certain symptoms worse and the last few months of smoking it started giving me very bad anxiety and panic attacks.

Lyme has caused bladder problems for me and sexual problems, and the marijuana made those worse.

It also suppresses the immune system, so it will be harder to cure yourself if smoking. I wouldn't do it, and if you do only in moderation don't make it a daily thing. Smoking is bad period if you have lyme.

06/28/2010 05:03 AM
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It helps with the icky belly and being able to keep food down. I think to a smaller degree with pain

06/28/2010 08:25 AM
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I would think it would help one cope with lyme or any disorder in life. I don't see it as the cure.

My daughter takes a variety of synthetic drugs for her mental illness. Doctors recommend that she not add marijuana to all that.

But after viewing her long term medical treatment and the damage done...17 years...I think she should can the drugs and just smoke pot.

06/28/2010 11:39 AM
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It does help somewhat by keeping the mind off of the lyme and it did help with my head pressure and stiff neck, but again it does lower the immune system and make you more susceptible to other illnesses as well. I really dont know if it is good to do if you have lyme or not, maybe someone here does?

07/02/2010 08:13 PM
smoxitoPosts: 512

Marijuana used to be used as the primary pain reliever until the invention of aspirin. It can help with nausea/digestive problems, insomnia, pain, muscle spasms, among other symptoms.

It has been shown to have anti-tumor properties and protect against Alzheimer's as well.

It likely won't help with your cognitive issues b/c an side effect is short-term memory issues and a type of brain fog but it will probably help with many of your other Lyme symptoms.

I wouldn't worry about it suppressing your immune system unless you worry about NSAIDs suppressing your immune system. The effect would not be much different.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect and does affect your immune system to a point.

Using it for symptomatic relief will not cause your recovery to be pushed back. It is not like taking a steroid. Antibiotics are more likely to "numb" your immune system and do so more dramatically.

Some people develop depression or other mental health problems from it which "usually" go away after you stop taking it (unless you have taken huge amounts of it). It is much safer than most medications.

You can inhale it in a vaporizer (much better than smoking it) and be careful about where you are getting it. A prescription is best if it is legal in your state.

Just be aware that (as was mentioned above) it can affect your mood and could make some symptoms more bothersome. And you will probably gain weight from the appetite stimulating effect Wink

Post edited by: smoxito, at: 07/02/2010 08:14 PM

07/02/2010 08:46 PM
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I dont do it any longer...but have on and off for years...but I can say that while I did do it, it did help me - most nights...

There were nights where it would, if my nerves were ablaze, it would only intensify the pain...but at the same time I could almost feel where the pain was originating..

On more mild days, it would enable me to to detach from the pain and not feel it in a sense...the pain was still there - but I was dulled to it...also enabled me to stretch and well it certainly did help with intimacy...

After having my twins, intimacy had become rather painful. So it enabled me to have a more healthy relationship with the hubby in that sense...which none can seriously hinder a relationship - plus my adrenals shut down after the twins - so any help I could get was necessary...I wasn't producing the sex hormones...

Cognitive wise - different for me. My thought process could become more focused - so long as I focused on one thing - say watching tv or a movie or writing...if I dared to try doing something like cleaning - HA - I would try to clean everything I saw - and ended up with a worse mess...

But I think that it is something that, should first and foremost - only be done by a responsible adult (responsible disclaimer here Smile)...and you really should know your body. You need to know what your limitations are...this type of thing - along with everything else, just isn't for everyone.

The good thing is, there are different ways of doing it...and in some states, medically it is legal...

Again, I no longer need the help with intimacy - adrenal support helped - but the Maca has totally taken care of those issues! So I don't do it any longer.

As for the appetite thing...what I did was always keep fruit in the house...with high Vit C content - found it helped me to have more energy in the morning...

Whatever you try, just be careful...I cannot in good conscious say - go for it - and at the same time I do understand what many are faced have to find some way to survive and manage with the pain...and with this illness sometimes we are left to find the answers for ourselves...

07/02/2010 10:52 PM
waxbyPosts: 4811
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~~~RE your "Does Marijuana help Lyme disease?"

~~~Not me.Burns me out!Takes the life right out of me!Can't afford that!I'm not young and stupid any more.

~~~It's like every thing else-helps some and not others.Don't tamper.

~~~The mind and body is too fragile.Especially with this dis-ease.

~~~But hey! wadda I know?

```````~~~from my straight jacket~~~out on a limb~~~lookin like a cocoon~~~hangin by a thread~~~

waitin for a butterfly~~~under the moon~~~Mitchell~~~

06/17/2011 08:56 AM
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I was sick like hell from Lyme disease, nearly unable to walk anymore because of the pain and the neurological faults. My vision was nearly gone and so on ... was wrong treated with corticosteroids in the first weeks after a bite. So to say the infection was fulminantly gone from to lower leg into my brain.

What helped me really to stay alive was the harsh treatment with edible medical cannabis and abx.

I can't understand what the people herein are telling about the cannabis. It might make symptoms first worse because of the herx reaction which is induced by cannabis!

Cannabis is strong in killing bacteria, viruses and fungus if you ingest it in adequate doses! So if you combine it with abx it supports the abx if it is not even better than the abx. Newest studies have shown that the MRSA infections could be cured with cannabis.

If you be open and honest and want to know more about it let me know.


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