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05/20/2010 03:49 PM

Initial infection symptoms other people have had?

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I was just wondering what kind of symptoms some of the other people on this board got when they were initially infected with Lyme?

I still haven't been diagnosed yet, but my problems started after I was hospitalized for pericarditis with a mild fever (100F or 101F something like that). I was having chest pain that got worse if I lied down.

The doctors told me they thought it was a viral infection (no tests were done) but I'm thinking now that it was Lyme.


05/20/2010 04:05 PM
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Forgot to mention I was in, for I think, 3 days, and they did give me antibiotics which no doubt helped me recover faster.

I started having more subtle problems about a month or two later.

05/20/2010 06:02 PM
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Hey someone. I was really sick with what I would call super strong flu symptoms...I ached all over, had a horrible headache, threw up constantly, felt exhausted, pretty much symptoms of the flu.

Then I ended up adding more and more symptoms as time went on....

I would go to an LLMD and get checked out!

05/21/2010 12:52 AM
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someone, the easiest way to answer your question, read the SYMPTOMS LIST for lyme and other diseases; this is what each of us has faced; NOT all but majority of them. it's in my welcome letter to you and lyme facts and/or treatments/medical.

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