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05/14/2010 01:03 PM

Sharp Electric-shock like pain in head

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I just experienced an electric shock like pain in the right side of my head that went down into the side of my mouth making it numb for a few minutes. I am completely scared. Anyone had this before??

05/14/2010 02:11 PM

No, I have not. At least not yet. But I could suggest reading up on the Bell's palsy aspect of this disease. Perhaps there will be information there?

Good luck!

05/14/2010 02:40 PM
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ALL the time for the last 3 years - and it was full body too...worst in my spine - the head ones tho - eesh they would knock me for a loop...excruciating pain...but I have had it over the last 20 years - just more random - since my last pregnancy it increased to a daily thing...

I was on Lyrica to try and control it. It worked well in the beginning - but this past year it was failing...

This is a sign of Neuropathy - but may not actually be Neuropathy - just another mimicking it could possibly be thrown under the Fibro mat...which is what my current doc has done (he does not treat me for Lyme - just general health and pain management)...(but it may also progress into neuropathy)

I am now on Amitriptyline (generic Elavil) - and it is working only 25mgs too...amazing...just went to the doc the other day...and our plan is for me to stay on this for a year -

The hope or idea is, is that since this drug works in controlling my pain signals, that it will help re-hard-wire the brain into receiving the pain signals properly - or at least along the right path...

Which is something I have actually talked we process pain increases what we feel...and we can to an extent control it - by controlling how we process what we feel..

So I am at the stage now, where I have done all I can mentally to control my I need the help of a med that works with me - and helps to reduce the sporadic pain signals...

Dont get me wrong - I still get these electrical shocks - which I still attribute to Neuropathy - just now I dont think I have it as bad as I previously thought...I think it was a mix of the "over-active nerves" (fibro) and a more mild case of Neuropathy...together making a lethal combo in terms of pain...

But I am also taking Gaba and B12, B1 (complex) plus milk thistle and such in order to provide my body with the sources it needs to protect and repair the damaged nerves.

So with that, my nerves are finally healing...

Now, if/when it happens again, I offer this...

Do not react negatively...meaning no tensing, clenching, holding your breath, panic, upset - no negative emotions...

Easier said then done...but this works once you start doing it...

Remain calm, remember to breath - and breath deep to your diaphram not your upper chest...slow and calm. Accept that this is something that has to happen, but it will pass.

The calmer you can stay the better - and this begins the process of rewiring your brain...the more you do this, the less the pain lasts and eventually even the level of pain will decrease...

I will be honest tho - it is VERY hard to maintain this kind of demeaner - but that is because you are physically going against our instinctual Flight or Fight response...once your can train yourself to control that it gets much easier...

Hope this helps some


05/14/2010 07:54 PM
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I find that remembering to move stops the pain in my leg (that's the only place I get lightning pain), as well as something to focus on rather than the pain.

Cmany could you please post or PM me with more details about what you take to combat neuropathy? I'm two months into treatment with only a little improvement on that front.

I know I'm lucky that I only get the pains a couple times a day and not necessarily every day, but when I do they are strong enough that I can't help but yell out. At times I dread being in public.... Tramadol at least dulls the pain enough that I can handle it in silence.

When I do get the pains, I feel ridiculous for taking painkillers for a pain I only feel for a few seconds, and may or may not have again that day. But I am determined to keep my life going, and I'm not going to let such ridiculous pains ruin what other might be a perfectly good day.

I worry about the long term damage, too. What's it doing to the nerves in my leg? Am I going to wake up one morning unable to move the leg? The adrenaline surges can't be good for my otherwise healthy heart... And what about the long term affects of adrenaline surges? I would suppose my cortisone levels are probably high now (a secondary reaction from adrenaline), and I can't recall from previous research but I would bet that inhibits the immune system.

When it hits me and I yell out, my son gets scared...He's got PANDAS. Stress and trauma are factors in PANDAS and in his short life he's gotten an unfair dose of both.

Wow... I don't usually unload like this. But I know you all understand. It's made me realize I need/want to be doing more to address this symptom, not just waiting.


05/14/2010 08:04 PM
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My daughter and I both have had something similar to that from time to time. The Neurologist said ours was a type of migraine. We take our normal migraine meds or supplements if it happens. As soon as you're able, describe it fully to your doc. I hope you get answers soon, it can be a scary thing.

05/15/2010 07:11 AM
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OK - some info about healing and repairing nerves... pain-disorder.html

This is with regard to L-glutamine an amino acid...

These are just a few things that I found on the fly - as I stupidly didnt bookmark everything that I had researched...

As I get my new protocol figured out - which is going to be incorporating more things such as L-glutamine (POWDERED is best) - I will post and try to remember to mention things that they should help with...

Hope this helps...OH - a couple of these links also include specific products - I have not tried them - so I am not promoting them...

I tend to try and find alternatives - usually do to cost - but if you can afford them and give them a go - PLEASE be sure to let us know and track your progress - it will be so helpful to so many....



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