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05/11/2010 04:01 AM

Low Blood Pressure

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Been experiencing very low blood pressure. It was 95/49 last night, and when I was at the doctors office yesterday, it was just a little higher.

I am worried about it. I have become more tired that usual.

I have chronic fatigue with my LD, but this is getting worse and just ridiculous.

My doctor mentioned diabetes to me again, and I told him that I have done tests for diabetes before.

Maybe I should do a test again. He said that it could also be dehydration...which is probably what it is. He told me to start drinking Gatorade.

When I went to the hospital for the heart catheritization, I remember them saying something about me being dehydrated.

Could be from sweating a lot..which I do almost every night and every day.

I still have chest pains, even though i was told my heart was fine. I am still worried.

I will try to drink more water today and see if that helps elevate my BP.

I just don't know what to do and do not want to go through a 4 hour sugar test...which I am sure will come out okay.

But it has been 5 years or so since I was last tested for diabetes...and it doesn't run in the family.

I am not taking my BP this morning, but instead will make an effort to drink more water.

Anyone else having a problem with really low BP?


05/11/2010 04:31 AM
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Hi Sabado,

I have the same trouble with my BP it has been 80/60 and 80/58, I am on the picc line. I've been dizzy and nauseated and weak.

I think that perhaps it could be the fluids also. My blood pressure tends to be low when I'm not well. A few years ago I was hospitalized and my blood pressure remained 60/40 for months, it even dropped into the 30's.

My husband called me a VulcanErmm !!! There are so many symptoms with Lyme, maybe this is one for us. I know I'm not feeling the greatest. I also need to exercise, going up the stairs right now is aerobic enough for meTongue !!

I do all my housework etc., but on a very slow speed. Rest, work, rest......

Take care,


05/11/2010 08:26 AM
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My blood pressure was very low too - for about 9 months. It was low like yours. I am on the Zhang herbs now and after two weeks of the HH capsule my blood pressure is back to normal.

I just wanted to share this because I cannot believe it. I keep checking it just to be sure its stays like it should and it has for the last few weeks.


05/11/2010 08:47 AM
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I'm not sure that Gatorade is a good idea, since it contains lots of sugar, and sugar suppresses the immune system and feeds lyme.

05/11/2010 11:29 AM
waxbyPosts: 4820
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~~~Hello Sabadabadoodaadayo

~~~Have you tried the Salt/C protocol? 2-4 grams(2000-4000mgs)Vitamin C and 2-4grams natural sea salt in some water in 2-4 divided doses throughout the day for some weeks or months etc.This may help to raise your blood pressure some while being a member of your LymieDoodle arsenal.Research this first of course to decide if you would like to try this.TaraT has or is still doing this.

~~~Several years ago I had profound debilitating fatigue for several years.I tried every thing to mitigate it.NOTHING even ever came close to helping.

~~~Eventually it faded away(along with a hundred other goofy symptoms) and I almost never feel fatigued any more.It has been replaced by this profound weakness thing.Eventually it will fade away too.Right?

~~~I think the number one thing you can do is have a superior diet.No.2 is good rest.No.3 is always your arsenal against this Lymie Doodle.

~~~And number 4, drum roll please... laugh at life! No,wait...Number 3,laugh at life.Hold it,hold it! Number 2,laugh at life! Stop! Put on the brakes! Number one,laugh at life! Just laugh at life whenever you can!

~~~Then... drink,eat,protocols,sleep.Or is that protocols,drink,eat,sleep. You figure it out!


05/11/2010 01:12 PM
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Yep on the salt/C. I usually don't suggest that because people can seriously screw up their electrolyte balance, or raise normal or high b.p. and sodium levels in blood. I don't think it's normally a healthy thing to do, and can be dangerous to some.

But could be beneficial to you in your case. I PMed you earlier, also, btw ... Smile

05/12/2010 03:32 AM
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Thanks for all the suggestions. As I was telling Zoe, I was raised not to addasalt to my it is gross to me when something is salty..I don't use it at all really, except when cooking for my hubby.

Having a hard time typing this morning, wish I could write more, but my hands aren't typing what I want them too.

Best Regards,



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