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05/02/2010 03:07 PM

Lyme and Hypothyroidism

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I have had hypothyroidism for about 2 years. Can Lyme amplify the symptoms of hypothyroidism?

My thyroid has been under control for about a year, but when I stared with the Lyme symptoms some of the symptoms I had with the thyroid came back.

Do you think that it was just symptoms from the Lyme, the thyroid, or do you think a combination of both?

What are y'alls opinions?


05/02/2010 10:08 PM
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ART DOUGHERTY did some outstanding lyme research, and of the 300 other illnesses mimicking lyme, he had it broken down per OTHER sx/lyme; that particular link to all his info has been taken down.

but use and chose lyme disease assn., NJ, or 1 of the other 5-6 LYME sites where they are paid for legitimate searches.

search for art's name and see what links still come up; he was thorough!

05/03/2010 04:12 AM
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My understanding is that most everyone with Lyme experiences Hypothyroidism. So I think it could amplfy the symptoms.

05/03/2010 04:51 AM
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I just had my thryroid checked because of hot flashes, and sweats and it is fine and all my hormones are fine. It is just the lyme and pain meds causing my sweats.

My mother has hypothyroidism (and doesn't have lyme) and from time to time they adjust her medicine for her thyroid...sometimes it takes a while even two years to get the meds just right to control the thyroid.

I have never heard that everyone with Lyme gets hypothyroidism. I don't have it.

Lyme makes you feel bad and of course if your thyroid isn't functioning properly you will feel really bad too...kind of a double whammy.

Have you seen your doctor to have blood tests done, and did he/she adjust your thyroid meds?

I don't understand Lyme Disease a whole lot even having it chronically, but it could probably make your hypothyroidism worse...who knows.

I hope you feel better today!

Much luv


05/03/2010 04:57 AM
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About a year before being diagnosed with Lyme I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. After my thyroid levels got back to normal no change in how I felt (all thyroid symptoms are the same as Lyme) fatigue, muscle cramps,twitching and so on.


I have tons of nodules and lesions, and high antibodies ( TPO- 1000 ref range 0-34). If your Thyroid gland is dieing like mine, it will throw out spurts of hormones here and there till its dead.


****ALSO if you look into antibiotics interactions, some of them and other drugs lessen the effect on thyroid meds. I try to take meds far apart from Thyroid meds.

05/03/2010 09:06 AM
smoxitoPosts: 512

The thyroid happens to be a good place to hide from abx and detection thus many with Lyme Disease have thyroid issues.

Keeping this in mind, if you had pre-existing thyroid issues, it could certainly be aggravated by the Lyme bacteria.

I had mild hypothyroidism caused by Lyme Disease. It went away after 3 months of treatment with abx. For those of you with any thyroid problems caused by the bacteria or an aggravation of issues, the damage should be reversed (most of the time) when you've gotten rid of the underlying issue (Lyme Disease).


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