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04/23/2010 03:56 PM

Anyone have more frequent urination w/ ovulation?

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Last month I thought my frequent ovulation was from yeast, but here I am again at the same time of the month (ovulation) with a strange feeling in my right ovary and frequent urination.

I have had the full GYN workup, but nothing found. I am hugely bloated and feeling odd in my stomach. Anyone else encounter this with ovulation and lyme? Last month it lasted five days.


04/23/2010 09:07 PM
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honey there are so many variables with this for me. Ovulation can be very painful for me sometimes..All sorts of things going on down there. But yes, I seem to have to urinate quite frequently during ovulation.

I just thought it was something to do with the water retention and the body releasing more stored water at that time of the month.

It's funny but with all of my symptoms I have just explained them away somehow to be normal...Well there is no mistaking this for normal anymore....

I haven't seen an LLMD yet but there is one in my area that is also an OBGYN and I think he will be a good doc for me due to my many hormonal problems etc....

If that problem seems to resolve with abx then I would assume it has something to do with lyme or co infection.

Sorry for rambling on but MAN there are SO many body systems going haywire due to this disease.

04/25/2010 06:23 AM
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I don't have frequent urination, but I do have bladder and urethra pain. I have heard of many who have had frequent urination with Lyme. It could be the Lyme itself or a co-infection. Wouldn't hurt to get tested for co-infections due to the Lyme. When someone gets bitten, they can not only contart the Lyme but anything else the insect is carrying.

04/25/2010 06:49 AM
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I don't know about ovulation but I AM on medicine for overactive bladder which helps. I've had that problem since I was a kid, but I've had Lyme Disease that long as well.


04/25/2010 09:45 AM
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I have severe interstitial cystitis along with the lyme disease and many drs have told me that this is common with chronic lyme disease patients. They want to remove my bladder(only after years of trying every experiemental treatment out there)!

Hope you can find some relief!! Take care!


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