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08/18/2008 01:22 PM

possible new herbal treatment!!


There will be an immediate explosion in Lymeland as a few posts already has revealed what MAY be a breakthrough herbal for Lyme sufferers.

As always, serendipity and my nose for facts led me to the product SPIRO by Raintree. My HSI September issue highlights it and I also spoke directly with Raintree ( Leah) today for more info.

Please be aware that NONE of this is documented so far and I do have requests for the actual studies and stats already emailed. I will update,e as that info is made available.

For now we have the following facts about SPIRO

-formulated by Leslie Taylor ND and founder of Raintree

-based upon native treatments for Treponema ( syphilis) and supposed “cures” for this

-some components of this combination herbal attack Borrelia directly ( no study substantiation—simply as claimed by Taylor)

-100 people in a 3 month study—NO descriptions as to how many early vs late diagnosis or what else they were taking at same time. They were confirmed by “ 1 of 4 available tests”, and had to be diagnosed within the 5 years prior. “Most” claimed to have failed other treatment. More people claimed as treatment went on to be “improved”. Retesting was not required at end of 3 month trial but 10 were tested and found “negative”

BUT as we all know the tests and that “negative” is useless as so many with negative tests have horrid symptoms. And sx that return later on.Plus 10 of 100—not that great.

The 6 plants used in SPIRO are:

Matico- Piper aduncum and angustifolium- everegreen shrub tree

Used by Amazonians for antiseptic and wound healing. Called “ Cure all” in Peru.

Also used for digestive problems and venereal diseases

Tamamuri- Brosimum acutifolium- canopy tree

Guyanans attribute magical properties,they think the LATEX protects from witchcraft.

Bark and LATEX common remedies for syphilis and balm used for arthritis. “Some

antibacterial action in lab studies”

Huacapu-Minquartia guianensis- canopy tree

Durable and used as house poles. “ 1996 study of bark extract demonstrated

antibacterial activity against 2 resistant strains of streptococcus”

Ajos Sacha ( false garlic)-Mansoa alliacae- shrubby vine

Spiritual and for good luck. Leaves and flowers have beta , stigmasterol, daucosterol,

nd fucosterol ( known to be antibacterial plant STEROIDS)

Bellacaspi- Himatanthus succuba- tree

Bark and LATEX used by Amazonians- bark powdered and sprinkled on wonds and

sores. Latex rubbed on bot-fly bites to kill the larvae under the skin. “ studies show

antibacterial chemicals” Brazilian researchers claim latex has pain relieving ability in

lab animals.

Chanca pedra- Phyllanthus niruri- small herb

“ stone breaker”-eliminates kidney stones. Included for supposed liver protecting

properties. For detoxifying and strengthening liver as “rest of the formula goes to war

on the infection”

ALL above from the September 2008 newsletter of HIS vol 13, no. 3

MY take???

1. avoid if you have any hint of LATEX allergy or sensitivity. Raintree themselves says there could be a probable cross reaction due to the latex in many of the plants. They say they only use BARK extracts but cannot avoid contamination of the sap.When asked- then why even describe what the latex is good for and not use it—no answer,.also asked why they aren't making the latex allergy risk better known—again no answer.

2.look into these herbs individually and get a good herbalist on board for interactions as many things will potentiate ( become stronger) when grouped.

3. Call Raintree and ask for the studies—when I get them—IF I get them I will make them available to all. Anytime you see “ studies say” or “ may help” ASK how they know and to see the proof!! So far they say “ we aren't finishing compiling data yet so don't want to say”..NOT a positive sign.

4. I am concerned over the use of canopy rain forest trees—not easily replaced and once bark is stripped they will die. Taylor claims to have them grown and harvested just for her—frankly I call this BS big time—given the time and effort to grow a canopy TREE to maturity??? And the poverty level of where its found....Id like to see big time PROOF of this..and so as always a little white lie irks me as I wonder what else is being fibbed about?? And with 4 of the 6 ingredients coming from canopy trees conservation is a BIG concern.

5. If you still want to try this be aware that repeated exposure to latex and its related compounds can often make a full blown latex allergy more likely- Allergy to banana, kiwis and similar are all in the same family. Medically, based upon personal experience, latex allergy is NOT one to take lightly!

6. Raintree Nutrition 800-780-5902

SPIRO- liquid extract 4 oz bottle ( 1 month) $29.95 US

Dose ½ tsp or 60 drops, bid ( 2 times a day)

More background info on the “players”:

HSI-Health Sciences Institute

Majority on its “advisory panel” are MDs;, almost all “ questionable” as to practices and beliefs.i.e. known as “alternative”: or Fringe

HIS claims their purpose is to report on new and breakthrough treatments and supplements in a monthly newsletter that costs $49 per year

Mission statement ”dedicated to uncovering and researching the most urgent advances in modern underground medicine”

They claim to receive NO compensation for their “editorial coverage” for products in the newsletter and also reveal they are a subsidiary of the SAME holding company as NDI solutions which distributes Northstar Nutritionals, RealAdvantage and Pure Country Naturals supplements.

The advisory panel all seem to have “connections” in some way to whats reported on—i.e. Leslie Taylor on the panel, founded Raintree and September 2008 issue highlights a breakthrough herbal for Lyme available from...dah-de-dah Raintree.

If you are aware of the conflicts of interest, and still wish to read it ( as I do) as a way to find out a bit more about products without scouring the library or internet then by all means purchase a “membership”- or

They often do reveal something “new” before its marketed widely. But as with all things I suggest going to the source before trying anything.

Leslie Taylor

Not a “doctor”

Her webpage

Founded Raintree

Her naturopathic degree is from the more questionable accreditation Board ANMAB which has Clayton and Trinity among its very few member schools. This means the training she received MAY be stellar but then again may NOT be anything more than filling out a bunch of forms and paying a fee.



08/20/2008 07:52 AM
Posts: 281

Thanks for the reasearch Finette.


08/20/2008 03:37 PM

thanks Denise..I try to be balanced and give ALL info as known about something

too bad many call this "being negative" her and on ohter sites!!!



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