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08/09/2008 11:07 AM

Lyme Disease and possible heart problems?

thester6474Posts: 17

Hi, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in January after having symptoms for over a year. For the last 10 and a half months I have been experiencing a strong burning sensation in my chest, that makes me go down to my knees. Scared of the possiblity something is seriously wrong, I shrugged it off, and refused to tell my doctor. My PCP has noticed a really weird sound in my chest over the last two to three months. Mu pulse is constantly over 115 a minute, despite the use of a beta blocker. He has now decided to do a complete work up on me, and I mean complete before he releases me from Medical Leave. Could this be serious? I also have many other conditions, all of this combined has me really worried. the conditions are as follows: Fibromyalgia, Myoclonus, Hypermobility Syndrome, Degenerative Disc Disease, , Intractible Migraines, mild focal kyphosis of the cervical spine, mild loss of intervertebral disc signal intensity suggesting mild early degenerative disc desiccation, mild central canal stenosis secondary to mild annular bulging. I also have been diagnosed with osteopenia and scoliosis, Neuropathy, anemia, B-12 deficiency, and many other things. me

08/09/2008 12:23 PM
Posts: 281

Why is'nt your PCP sending you to a cardiologist? My main lyme damage is my heart. I have dialated cardiomyopathy and irregular heart beats called PVCs. Where do you go for treatment? If you want I can PM you info about an alternative clinic in Atlanta.

Good luck and take care,


08/09/2008 12:48 PM
thester6474Posts: 17

No one is treating the Lyme Disease now, I took one round of antibiotics and that was it (Doxycycline 200 mg daily times 30 days). But by the time I got those, I had already had it for about 13 months. He probably would send me to a cardiologist, if I told him about the chest pain. But I am so scared of what I might find out next. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but I just cannot deal with the thought of something being seriously wrong. I also have Neurological problems due to the Lyme Disease, those were my first symptoms, 18 months ago.

08/09/2008 01:59 PM

I also get the burning, that was the main problem along with my lyme...


08/09/2008 02:02 PM
thester6474Posts: 17

Burning where, in your muscles? I have it in my muscles as well as my chest.

08/09/2008 02:21 PM
Posts: 392

I have cardio involvement too. I go to the same clinic as Denise, am treating with homeopathics and am improving. The heart involvement has been the scariest thing for me too.

Glad to help if I am able.


08/09/2008 02:38 PM

I have mine on my upper chest and a little on the chin, it drives me crazy, I had this so bad when I first got lyme, I wanted to die...Then it went away since last Aug, so I have no idea why its back...Scares the hell out of me...


08/09/2008 02:44 PM
thester6474Posts: 17

Yeah my burning in really bad in my chest, the burning in my muscles is equally as bad. I really didn't worry much about it, until the last two or three months, despite my tachycardia. I just figured it was a symptom of fibromyalgia. But since he is concerned, i am extremely scared. I don't know what to think, I just hope it is not as serious as it sounds. Could it just be some kind of Neuropathy, maybe autonomic Neuropathy?

06/26/2009 07:45 PM
Posts: 124

I know what your talking about, with the chest pains, I have gone to my knees, thinking this is it, I have not told anyone I am scared. Good Luck!

06/26/2009 09:39 PM
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it is vital that you get to see an LLMD and a cardiologist...

lyme can cause serious heart problems...and being scared is nothing compared to what could actually be going on and what could actually happen

your body is trying to tell you something...waiting too long could be a little too late

this is a very difficult disease to treat and the longer you hold off the worse it could get - for such a short time you have a long list of serious and more complex issues...

so i wonder if you have maybe had it longer but have only presented with these symtoms within the time frame you are suggesting - or maybe had it and got reinfected and things went wonky

either way it really doesnt matter - you have to deal with the here and now

fear is only going to cause you to get worse and with your list its not the time to push it

let me know where you are and i can try to help you find an llmd - some of these things can either be cleared up or significantly reduced with proper treatment

please move forward at this point and do what your body is asking you to do

always here pm for anything



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