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04/12/2010 05:56 PM

question about pressure in head ? lyme(page 2)

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Whipcrack, Interesting that your head pressure is where mine has been or is.

Yes, I have found Doxy to play games with it.

I don't know if it is the cause of Antibotics or the Lyme but..I found if I want to keep the headpressure away I can not have dairy.(no matter if on antibotics or not)

Cottage cheese with whey is really bad.

stoneyfield yogart, it is not good.

I can have butter on my popcorn(homemade) but not alot and I can miss getting it.

To throw a wrench in..I can't have cornchips made by Tossantos, if I spelled that right? Perhaps the fake salt on the chips?

I do not have a problem with eggs.

I find what you put in your mouth, effects many things.

Good luck to you

I hope things get better for you.


04/12/2010 06:30 PM
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The headache I had last January-May was very much like some of the descriptions here.

I had pressure behind my eyes, in my ears and across my forehead. It felt like a horrible pressure side to side.

With that, came excruciating pain at the base of my skull(left side) and down the left side of my very stiff neck. (All on the left side.)

Before my diagnosis, I sought a diverse array of people to try to help me. One being my long-time acupuncturist.

She had me lay face down and placed needles in the meaty part of the back of my head/ base of skull. I had faith that the pain would go away. She made miracles before.

The needles created so much more pain as if only agitating the area.

The next time I told her - no needles in that spot- I could not do it again. She tried suction therapy instead. It never made a difference.

It was at that moment that she just came out and said what my friend's had already suspected,"Are you sure it's not Lyme?" I knew right then that it was.

It took 6-8 weeks to see those head pains & pressure dissipate in frequency and length. I hardly ever have them now. They were massive from January 2009- May 2009 almost non-stop until I started treatment with Ceftin.

I tried to pull myself off of Ceftin in January. I went 3 weeks without it until I woke up in the middle of the night from a sound sleep with the nasty Lyme headache.

I'm back on Ceftin. I hope I can eventually conquer it because I can't imagine living with a head pain like that.

Just my 2 cents. Kris

04/12/2010 07:12 PM
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~~I'm now a confirmed Lyme case


~~I haven't had that same type of headache/head pressure since I had the episode on doxycycline (had headache prior to taking doxycycline)


~~Based on this information, LLMD put me on cefditoren instead of a tetra antibiotic. LLMD says head pressure is possible with doxycycline, but chance it could have been start of herx. In any case, LLMD thought cefditoren has shown good results


~~Will see what happens - been 3 days with not much in the way of results - good or bad

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04/15/2010 04:30 PM
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Kris and Whip

Geesh, It just shows the crazy stuff this Lyme does. It hits the same area in us, our head, but effects us differently...

Go figure.....nothing is straight cut...

I am in hope that for both of you that the Ceftin works. Please keep me posted in the weeks ahead of how it works. I may have to mention it to my LLMD and try it again. I have been with Lyme about 2yrs. I think we tried it mid-cycle...I did not see much improvement...we moved to other meds. Some have worked..I think.

I "think" is a loose term, I am still trying to figure out if I am still fighting Lyme and it's co-friends or if I am just mini-herx

all the time????

Best to you both and all Lyme Victims...

Together we will push through this....

One day at a time

04/15/2010 05:48 PM
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==I'm taking cefditoren - it is a bit different from ceftin


==So far, I'm having loose stools/diarrea but not horrible; hoping I will adjust to it


==If I lean on my elbow I have pain; it's red (perhaps inflamed) and had same problem when not on any antibiotic or supplements


==All else is ok; I am one of those people who get worse during the 28 day cycle. Mine is coming up in about a week so I will see whether I get chills, etc. now after prescription antibiotic for 2 weeks.

04/15/2010 07:57 PM
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Yes! When I first started my meds (biaxin and plaquenil) I felt like my head was going to explode. I also use to see things that were not really there. On day I was sitting in a car and I swear something the shape of the travelocity gnome walked by in my peripheral vision. I use to see light bursts, and grey clouds it was awful.

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