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07/28/2008 08:44 PM

Lyme Survey, DEADLINE 7/31/08

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Please take a moment to look at the link to a requested lyme survey (from another support group) see their request below:

Dear fellow Lymies,

Sheri (‘Chels') and I would like your help in our letter campaign to our health authorities.

We have both been misdiagnosed like many of you and have been sending letters to our health authorities urging them to revise their guidelines for diagnosing Lyme. However, we are very disappointed by the trivial ‘stock replies' they sent us. We thought we may get a more serious response if we had ‘collective' data to back us up (e.g. “X% of respondents were told by their doctor they can't have Lyme because it is not present in their province”). Our objective is to demonstrate to our health authorities that the current practice for diagnosing Lyme is flawed, leaving many infected unable to get the medical help they need.

Please take the time to fill out our survey. sm=3ZLLu4pq2_2boeC4BQQs1Z4g_3d_3d

Could you please distribute it to other Lymies who aren't on this forum? We have a Microsoft Word version. I can send it to you if you e-mail me:

The goal is to collect as much evidence as possible to demonstrate that:

1- Current serological Lyme tests are faulty

2- Our doctors rely 100% on these blood tests

3- Our doctors are not trained to diagnose Lyme clinically

4- Our doctors are apprehensive of diagnosing Lyme clinically

5- A clinical diagnosis of Lyme would NOT, as the BC CDC claims, prevent our doctors from "looking for other remediable causes or approaches to symptoms"

The data collected will be used for the purpose of letter campaigns to our health authorities. The results will be forwarded to CanLyme and may be forwarded to others who are campaigning for better diagnosis and treatment of Lyme in Canada (e.g. MLA David Cubberley).

Your information will be treated as anonymous – you do not have to provide your name. However, we ask that you please provide sufficient information for us to be able to contact you in case further comments from you may be useful for our cause (e.g. nickname and e-mail, or CanLyme nickname). Your personal information (name/nickname and e-mail) will not be included in any letters or given to anybody without your permission.

We have the approval of Dr. Murakami to post this survey on his forum. Thank you Dr. M!

We appreciate your help. Please fill out this survey before July 31.

The results will be posted on the forum in August.


Carolyne Albert and Sheri Souch


07/29/2008 04:25 AM

I just did it, hope it helps everyone.


07/29/2008 06:57 AM
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New Member

I did it to... I let them know I was not Canadian but from the Adirondack area not too far away..

07/29/2008 09:03 AM

rigley21 wrote:

I did it to... I let them know I was not Canadian but from the Adirondack area not too far away..

I am happy Americans are also participating.The labs in the USA are way more consistent and successful in finding that nasty Lyme.I live on the New Brunswick,Maine border according to statistics Lyme stops there it rarely crosses into Canada eh! W00t


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