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03/08/2010 07:07 PM

waiting to see a doctor

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wow could anyone tell me what doctors do for pain,i am being hit with so much pain!in alot of different areas.

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03/09/2010 12:01 AM
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rhonda, i suggest you go to top right corner using search; type in pain management or similar if you get NO posts. click enter

read the posts below ads ok.

in my case only my frozen ice packs and heating pad help my pain by camaflouging it. XS tylenol on occasion.

no pain meds help me.

03/09/2010 06:56 AM
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This is such a tough subject as doctors address this issue differently.

Some docs may give pain management meds...there are a variety you can try based on the types of pain you are having, nerve, muscle or arthritis-like, to name a few.

Some docs will not address the pain and may refer you to a pain management doc.

Just make sure the pain management doc and the LLMD are working with one another cooperatively.

In my experience with my own pain, most meds really only dull the edges of my remains prevalent but at a tolerable level. I have tried many different narcotics without much success until I got to Methadone and Lyrica as my main 2 sources of relief.

The Lyrica helps tremendously with nerve pain and the methadone helps the chronic intractable pain that is at a 7-8 or more on any given day.

Please remember I'm not a doc...these are simply things that have helped me medicine wise.

You can also try at home remedies, like epsom salt baths to help with muscle pain. Rice socks and heating pads are another way to help with specific painful spots.

I've also been recommended accupuncture/pressure and chiropractics.

And, of course, get massages as often as your bank account allows. It feels great in a weird way Silly and helps to get some nasty painful toxins to leave the body if you drink plenty of water as the massage therapists recommend.

Hope this helps...pain is one of the last battlefronts for me. It's hard to live your life in pain, I know. I pray you find what works for you!


03/09/2010 10:07 AM

accupuncture has saved my life...I use it for all different reason. I also get Massages....When I got lyme my Dr. called the insurance company and told them I MOST have these for the pain...So I get 26 per year and only have to pay $20.00 per visit

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