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01/17/2010 05:25 PM

Question for long time posters on this board

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What percentage of people with lyme seem to recover (at least from these boards I mean)?

I know everyone is different, but what would you say is the average time it took for recovery?

Also, is FULL recovery ever possible?



01/17/2010 08:50 PM
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Hey Michelle

It is hard to say...but we have had quite a few over time who have been able to attain full or near full recovery....but I cannot put a number to it...

The 2 most active who have recovered at Julie4848 and steelers...they have stuck around here with us (thankfully) but many have gone on about catching up with their lives (totally understandable)...but others do poke their heads and thoughts in here randomly...

Personally, I am roughly at about 80% - but that last 20% is going to be a long ride for it mostly has to do with neuropathy...which is harder to repair and seems to want to progress...

Hope this can help


01/17/2010 09:57 PM
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i agree with christine.

most go on with their lives getting back to NORMAL life outside of lyme.

the best chances are those who were bitten, got into see a dr. next day or so, were diagnosed with lyme disease and given the proper antibiotics/dosages and at least 3 months of abx; 2 months showing NO SYMPTOMS BEFORE they got off of abx.

it's trial error on oral/iv/supplements/herbs .. then many have gotten almost well, and bitten again!

this may help you a little ...

Success Stories

01/17/2010 11:15 PM
smoxitoPosts: 512

That's really good to hear b/c I was getting nervous about the amount of people I've spoken with who were still quite ill.

01/18/2010 06:12 AM

Hi: I'm Julie...I'm doing very well regarding my Lyme...I have not been on much due to my mom...

Yes I have stuck around to let the sick know there is light and hope...

Regarding my lyme. It did take me over a year to get where I'm at today, But mine was also caught very early on and my Dr. acted on it ASAP...He did not play around and did not believe in 30 days worth of abx's and life will go on...NOPE...

When I'm under stress (like I have been since November due to mom) I do get that mild burning back...I still take two detox baths a day and I am a water drinker...I never changed my diet or anything else. I take a lot of garlic, fish oil, etc. Regarding abx's I was on and off them for a year, but I'm allergic to 99.9% of them so I had to stop them...once I stopped all of them it took about 3 months, then little by little I just started to feel like me AGAIN...

I wish you the best of luck in your recovery.


01/18/2010 06:21 AM
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Thanks for your replies. I am hopeful to one day be myself again. Its so hard to know for sure if its even lyme. Tomorrow I get the results of my Western Blot and few coinfection tests. I am almost hoping they are positive just so I can have a name for this craziness that is happening in my body and a treatment plan! If its negative I will still do the treatment but will always wonder. I will still pursue what else it could be but its hard when you run out of options.

I feel like my stiffness which is only on one side of my body (except for my left hip that is) is getting worse. A few weeks ago I felt like it was getting better and I was SOOOOO hopeful, but now its worse than after. Its like I am losing function in my right side (front and back), its all so very tight. I need an answer soon!!!! Praying tomorrow will give it to me!

01/18/2010 06:24 AM
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Thank you for your post, you give us hope.

When you stopped the abx did you follow up with the naturals, and were you symptoms free when you stopped? Also what did you test pos for?

Thanks so much!!


01/18/2010 07:56 AM
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Hello new friends....yes, full recovery is possible, at least, it was for me. I was sick for over ten years and still managed to recover. It's amazing to me how simple life is now. When I was sick, I couldn't put a simple child's toy together. I couldn't remember the dates of my children's birthdays or how old they were. I couldn't remember what month it was.....I didn't know if I was cooking breakfast , lunch or dinner. Really, I didn't know if I was coming or going. The fog was sooo terrible.

I haven't been here as much because my kids started a new school and I'm on the road two hours per day driving them back and forth and homeschooling my Kindergartner. So, I'll have more time in the Fall. I do pop in here as much as I can and my prayers are for all Lymies every day....even for the ones who don't know they have Lyme yet.

For me, I felt a LOT better after eight months. That was back in 2007. I thought I was fully recovered, but honestly it gets better every year. Once you get the upper hand, it's easy to keep it in remission (my experience). I still go see my doc about every 6 months and I still go off and on natural antibiotics. In other words, I guard my healthSmile......I'm doing things I never imagined were possible and I'm amazed and grateful every day for even the little being able to lift a milk jug without waves of pain being sent through my body, being able to turn my head to see oncoming traffic, and remembering where I'm going!! get the pictureSmile


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