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01/13/2010 07:56 PM

stabbing pain in left eye

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Does anyone get an ice pick type stabbing pain suddenly in their eye or eyes? I've always gotten them occasionally but recently am having headache (from neck I think) but it's stabbing into my left eye every few minutes accompanied by the pain spreading into my left temple, ear and over the top of the left side of my head..

I'm wondering if this could be a herx from the naturals that I'm taking. I just added 3000 mg of omeg 3 fish oil (without mercury) with 3000 IU of D3 included in the mix.

I upped my Vit. C to 3000mg instead of 1k and wondering if this could be why...

I've noticed a "little" energy in the mornings after getting up and around...That I've HAVE NOT had in more than a year!

I actually cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and scrubbed some walls and floors today. WOW That is A LOT for me..especially in ONE day! My feet feel So much better too!

Just a want/need to know...If anyone gets this stabbing pain, is there anything that you can take naturally that will help? I don't tolerate tylenol very well (liver problems) but I'm allergic to ibuprofen and all NSAIDS are a no no anyway due to my previous surgery.

Any help would be appreciated. Left eye is super dry feeling and both eyes are twitching like mad!

THANKS in advance!

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01/13/2010 09:44 PM
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tara, no i haven't had this.

do you have any eye solution you can put in them for moisture? hugs

you worked way too hard today girl Smile Wink

01/13/2010 11:51 PM
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I have the same thing! And it's on the left side of my head too! I thought I was the only one!

I haven't been able to find anything that really helps this. The only thing that seems to help me is to lay in a dark room on my left side. I think the pressure helps.

Glad to know I'm not the only one. If you find something that helps, PM me. I'll be sure to do the same.

Congratulations on getting some of your energy back! You got a lot done! Hope your eye/face pain gets better soon.

01/14/2010 05:44 AM
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Hi Amanda! I've had stabbing pains in my eyes randomly for years...Recently (last few years) more frequently. I've had this headache or eye stabbing pain pretty constantly the last few days.

What's REALLY sad is my 8 year old woke up this morning complaining about a sharp pain in his LEFT eye?!?!? I knew he wasn't faking....It was more of a "OUCH my eye is hurting for some reason. Feels like something is stabbing me"...He had his hand over the left eye, particularly over the top of the eye ball and into the eye socket which is exactly where my pain is....

I guess I'd better listen out for a phone call today from the school possibly. If his eye pain turns out to be like mine he'll be calling to come home..

I've been very concerned that my kids contracted this bug from me in utero....I did not realize I was suffering with THIS until several months ago..I started reading the lyme forum after a dear friend from long ago popped up back into my life and her hubby has gone through this....She begged me to read up on it...and I couldn't believe how everything fit.

If this stabbing pain isn't lyme then I have no idea what it could be..

I have TREMENDOUS pressure wrapping around the top of my head right now and the left ear and neck and temple feel very fatigued and in pain.

The muscles running over my head just under the skin feel like they are going to spasm!!!

01/15/2010 07:48 AM
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I get this too and feel sure many others probably do to.

Our occipital nerves can get really wrenched and balled up at the base of our skull on either side of the neck. They may be felt or very tender to the touch.

It is partially Lyme and partially stress and tension.

When these nerves are aggrevated, I find I get the sharp shooting pain in the eye(s), temple(s), and/or the froward part of the head.

This can be a precursor to migraine type headaches which is why rest in a dark room with an ice pack on my eyes and warm heat at the base of my skull is the only thing that helps.

I also, depending if I am able, will take a narcotic pain killer and a muscle relaxer to try to combat the tension. We have a tendency to wind up even tighter in the face of pain and discomfort which is almost always counterproductive.

Tara, I know when we feel even the smallest bit of normal, we want to make up for lost time...but you have to take it slow and steady...don't over do it...please be careful!

So, it IS Lyme BUT...It is also partly our own doing.

Follow steps to try to combat a migraine and you can probably help yourself that way.

As a cautionary tale...

I had one of these headaches last year that I continued to ignore while I tried to work through the pain to continue to care for my then almost 2y/o. I had neglected to give myself anything for breakfast and was now trying to make lunch for my daughter and I.

As I reached up to put her lunch in the microwave, I was hit with the worst vertigo that I was instantly knocked down as flat to the ground as I could make myself. I then had to slither and belly crawl first to the bathroom where I became incredibly sick to my stomach. It helped but only for a moment.

I spent the next hour or so sliding around the floor to try to get my cell and unlock my front door so someone could get to me. Standing up to do any of these things was nearly impossible because everytime I took my head up off the floor...the whole world started to spin violently again.

Too make this story much shorter, the wind up was that helped arrived but I was still sick for 2 days. It was horrible to me that my daughter had to witness all of that and was asking me 'What's wrong, Mommy?' the whole time.

Moral of the story...Stress + chronic illness + not taking good care of yourself AND being in treatment, can cause one big MFer of a herx!

Be careful my friends!!!

(((hugs))) Hope you feel better soon! Let yourself rest it off in a dark room with an ice pack for your eyes and drink a caffeine drink just this once...maybe a nice caffeinated Green tea with a splash of honey and lemon. Smile

01/15/2010 09:07 AM
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Thank you dharma79 I think finally today I have a reprieve.. No stabbing eye pain but the left ear is hurting and we all have a head cold to top it off now!

I saw a LIVER FLUKE yesterday and I thought perhaps it was A herx from die off...I've been doing the milk thistle and Vitamin C big time the last several days...along with the magnesium and D3 with omega 3...

I think I will continue..and do the humaworm as soon as I can get it. Thanks all!

I'm having aproblem with MDJunction timing me out or logging me out every few minutes and it keeps me from being able to post or send msg's until I get resigned in....It is driving me crazy!

01/15/2010 10:39 AM
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What does a liver fluke look like?

01/15/2010 11:53 AM
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I get what feels like a sewing needle (thin) stabbing pressure that will slowly poke from the back of my eye through the front - and at other times, it feels as thick as a nail...

Wicked pain! All I can say is that since i have been taking that turmeric regularly, the eye stuff has really settled...

once in a while i may have the stabbing pain - and my floaters are gone! Only thing I have found that gets rid of those pesky things...

01/15/2010 12:23 PM
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ah turmeric...I'll add that in the near future.

Lindaca a liver fluke looks like a big fat flat red/brown worm while it's alive but if it passes through intestine it could vary due to be partially digested etc....

What I saw looked like a leaf that had been bathed in acid but it was still in the form of the fluke. I've seen them for more than 15 years on occasion but had NO idea what it was! I've recently seen pics online and have been reading testimonials about humaworm use...and suddenly it made sense!

This thing died and I felt really shaky inside and HAD to sleep then this wicked headache and then actually saw it after it passed. For the last few days my liver has been in a lot less pain and suddenly felt a jolt of energy that I haven't felt in a VERY long was really like the clog got out of the way!

I peter out fast but atleast I had the JOLT ! LOL I'm hoping I continue to get a little better this way.

you can google liver fluke and you will probably see pictures!

11/30/2011 11:06 PM
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How is your eye nowadays? Are you better? My left eye is aching too. Nonstop. Some right eye too. I boil a glass of water and let the vapor ease my pain. I have lyme. Taking abx. But not helping pain. Is it herx or is it lyme disease itself? Sometimes stabbing pain, sometimes dull pain on, behind my eye. Radiates to different parts of face around the eye. Sometimes like head ache.

Best Wishes,



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