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01/11/2010 08:47 AM

How bad can it get?(page 2)

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I've been on two PICC lines and know the feeling. You're suffering from the toxins caused by the meds and the killing of the bacteria. Your body will process it out over time but you can speed up the process with detox supplements (milk thistle, magnesium, rhodiola, B vitamins, etc.).

When my head felt like it would explode I took one of my wife's percocet. She has a script for herniated disks in her back and when I took just one many of my symptoms were alleviated.

I know this is a controversial thing to mention because of how addictive percocet can be but my Lyme doctor said there are studies that show that narcotic based pain relievers can alleviate pain, brain fog and fatigue associated with neuro Lyme.

He suggested I go to a pain mgt. doc to get them and luckily I have a very understanding and progressive one. He writes me periodic scripts but I must see him and undergo some treatment before he writes another. That's fine with me. I only take a quarter pill as needed whenever symptoms arise and I don't feel the need to take them when not symptomatic.


01/11/2010 02:14 PM
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Have you discussed the symptoms you have been experiencing with your physician? If not, I would urge you to do so immediately even if it's after hours and you have to go through her answering service. Excruciating headaches and pain so great you cannot sleep may require immediate treatment.

Please don't think that I'm trying to offer a diagnosis, but in my case those symptoms proved to be the result of raging meningitis. In such a situation, the faster treatment is received, the better.

Regaring the more general question of when someone should to to the ER:

Before you go to the ER, I would suggest that you contact your doctor directly at her office or through her answering service if it's after hours. Not only is your doctor familiar with your case and, therefore, far better equipped to suggest the appropriate treatment, they can, in most cases, provide treatment much faster than the ER where the wait times can be horrendous.

At the top of my list of reasons to contact my physician or head to the ER would be a dramatic increase in pain level over a short period of time and/or your pain reaches the point where it is becoming unmanageable. There is no point in playing the hero and you definitely want to seek treatment before your pain becomes unbearable. That's particularly true if you are single and don't have anyone immediately available who can provide help such as driving you to the ER.

Second, you should contact your doctor go to the ER immediately if your neurological symptoms get worse or new ones, such as double vision, inability to grasp objects, or impaired balance, appear. I realize that's a bit vague, but I'm sure that you will be aware of such a change if it occurs. Again, such a change indicates that Lyme's attack on your central nervous system has ratcheted up another notch, something that needs to be addressed immediately.

Dave J.


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