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01/14/2014 02:44 PM

Starting with a low dose of antibiotics?

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Hi everyone,

Just wondering what you guys thought about the idea of starting with a low dose of one antibiotic and then gradually increasing it?

And in addition, adding another antibiotic later?

My doctor wants to slowly build up and later abx, rather than hit me with all at once.

How does this sound to you guys?

I'm concerned about abx resistance.

Thanks for reading


01/14/2014 02:48 PM
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Hi cmd, Welcome to the group.

I like to start slowly and build up my protocol. There shouldn't be too much concern if you build up to your protocol within a few weeks.

What are you prescribed?


01/14/2014 02:59 PM
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01/14/2014 03:25 PM
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That's exactly how you should do it, IMO.

- slowly build up: this way you won't get hit with a terrible herx out of the blue and can find out your body's tolerance level or whether you might be allergic to it or yourstomach can't handle it without putting your health at risk.

- Always start one new medication at the time so you can tell exaclty what effect is due to what medication.

01/14/2014 03:47 PM
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My doc hits me with full doses of numerous meds all at once, and frequently changes numerous meds at the same time. Drove me nuts at first, but now I like it. I just plan to feel like crap for a week each 6 weeks and then it's done. More or less.

When I switched to some herbs that had to be titrated up, it stretched out the herx and I didn't like it.

So I don't think there's a wrong way to do it. Whatever you and your doc are most comfortable with.

I used to see a LLMD who only did pulsing. I worried about resistance with that too. I have never seen data on that.

01/14/2014 04:53 PM
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Thank you for the replies!

My doctor has started me with just Samento and banderol.

Now he is introducing doxy... 200 mg per day, but will increase soon if I tolerate it.

Then, plans

To introduce more abx.

I think it's good

To see which drugs give you reactions and do it slow, as long as it doesn't give these bugs time to adapt!

01/14/2014 05:34 PM
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Unfortunately Lyme bugs are born with an incredible ability to adapt!ll but I don't think it's made worse by low doses of abx.

It is good to be sure and take cyst busters and biofilm busters while you are treating, since those are some of lyme's pre existing methods for evading abx.

01/14/2014 07:04 PM
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What are the best cyst busters that you know of? And biofilm busters? Someone mentioned something called bouluke? I could have that totally wrong

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01/14/2014 07:16 PM
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Flagyl is good for killing cysts, and it gets the spirochetes too.

Grapefruit seed extract also kills cysts, but one must take care not to dose too lightly with it or not much happens.

The right dose is a question with no predetermined answer yet, but it looks like it is to keep increasing the dose until a herx indicates that cysts are dying from it, then back it down a little to a level of toleration for the herx.

If you have the money and the doctor to prescribe it, tigecycline, an IV drug, does a good job of wiping out cysts, and penetrates the body well.

01/14/2014 07:19 PM
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I know that Tindamax hits both biofilm and cyst form.

There are others as well, I'm sure someone will list them for you.


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