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11/02/2013 04:24 PM

best place to live with lyme

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hi first time user , my best friend has lyme and shes not getting better in california this state sucks for treatment theres no doctors that can help and meds are outragious ,.//''''//!@#$%^&

so help with some ideas where the best place to live with this god dam disease . thank you


11/02/2013 04:34 PM
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I think you are asking where good treatment can be found, or the most LLMD's. I would say NY, CT, Maryland, but others may know more.

11/02/2013 04:36 PM
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In my humble opinion, if you want to live "close" to your LLMD (I'm assuming that is what you're asking), you'd want to research the different protocols and which doctor practices that protocol.

I know of a couple people in my state that fly to the mid Atlantic seaboard to see a doc there. I have another friend that drives 4-5 hours to see her LLMD.

Are we talking about a person that is not committed to a mortgage or job and can just up and go?

I don't know that this is a black and white issue, know what I mean? There are many variables.

For what it is worth, there are amazing docs on both coasts...

11/02/2013 08:03 PM
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I was treated in Los Angeles California and was successful. If you want to know what I did PM me.

11/02/2013 09:22 PM
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I saw a LLMD in SanFrancisco who is quite good.

Most LLMDS on Northeast Coast


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