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04/19/2013 07:22 AM

100% cure for Lyme?

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Jessamyn K.

The body has amazing powers to repair itself, if you supply your cells with the correct building blocks.

Fat people can get thin if they eat right for their blood type.

Cancer can be cured.

The body is like a Rubic's Cube.

Can you work a Rubic's Cube?

Most people can't figure out how to put all the red squares all back onto one side. Can you?

The body is a self healing mechanism, if you understand how to rotate the basic building blocks. Most doctors do it wrong, most of the time.

Notice that Dr. Oz has colon cancer.

Will he be able to cure himself?

People dying of heart disease do sometimes take the proper balance of minerals and herbs can cure their heart disease and live to age 100. People with sugar diabetes can balance out their diet and live free of diabetes. Millions with asthma can restore their mineral balance and live asthma free.

Our bodies can correct almost every health problem, if you figure out the proper balance of minerals and your blood type foods.

Why are some people with Lyme able to get well, no matter how long they have had Lyme? While other battle Lyme for decades, but never recover? Some are achieving the correct balance of minerals and foods.

Just like those who eventually figure out how to work the Rubic's Cube. It can be done. It just takes doing the correct procedure.


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04/19/2013 07:23 AM
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Are you soliciting something??

04/19/2013 07:37 AM
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I think the point is to balance the body then it can get rid of the Lyme? I wonder if it ever all goes away even when you're "cured". Some believe that basically everyone has been exposed to Lyme but some don't get sick or as sick because their body is better equipped.

I do believe that your need to heal your gut, look at your foods and helps adjust your immune system and balance your body. There can be a lot of factors to this though.

04/19/2013 07:51 AM
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My research into Lyme is focused on those who

1 - use colloidal silver and

2 - eat apple seeds every day,

3 - drink liquid colloidal minerals.

4 - eat right for their blood type.

I am searching for people who drink one tea spoon of liquid silver and eat 4 apple seeds daily.

I suspect people using that regiment recover faster.

If you are willing to try this program for 1 year, please stay in touch with me.

Do you know anyone using this program?

PM for more information (edited by leader)

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04/19/2013 07:52 AM
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Correction: "chew" apple seeds daily.

04/19/2013 08:08 AM

Apple seeds have cyanide and are a toxic burden to the liver. Hardly what a sick person needs.

Blood type diets are debunked as quackery.

Colloidal silver will turn your skin blue.

I already thought poorly of naturopaths but this guy just lowered my impression even further.

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04/19/2013 08:30 AM
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04/19/2013 08:33 AM
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Don't knock colloidal silver.

Dr. H is starting to use it with his patients.

04/19/2013 08:50 AM

Lyme and co-infections are intracellular. Is it safe and effective to use for that purpose?

04/19/2013 09:30 AM
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I'm skeptical about this guy as many of the rest of you might be, however, lets non't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Colloidal silver has solid research behind it and can be very effective for a number of health issues. Research this and know what kind of CS is good and what kind is not so good. Google is our friend. Smile

NO, it does not turn your skin blue. It happens when it's improperly made by people who should not be making and comsuming far more than most anyone would consume if they followed instructions. Do your research before you quote quacks and others who have no clue as to what they are talking about.

Naturopaths have helped far more people with my health issues than most MD's have. Dr. Klinghardt is a MD, but he uses naturopathic medicine more than conventional medicine, as many other MD's do as well.

I've improved far more using natural medicine for lyme treatment than I have using allopathic medicine. We need them both!

This guy who posted hasn't offer to sell anything, not yet anyway. Why should he be banned? Let's see where he goes and what he says and research what he's proposing before we ban someone for simply sharing some ideas with us.

God almighty, we need all the help we can get. we need to open our minds and see what people are saying before judging them and banning them from here. Maybe he's got ulterior motives, time will tell, but so far nothing he's said has violated any rules here as far as I know.

I'm going to research his comments about apple seeds and if it's not good I will report this. I hope others will do the same.

Have a great weekend everyone. May healing come to us all soon!



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