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03/31/2013 02:21 PM

thin brown string like thing in stool???

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Sorry this post is graphic. After having a bowel movement today I wiped and a thin string like thing was on the tolerance paper.

It was almost thr length of a Q-tip, very thin & round.

Here is a picture of it. As you can see some broke off.

Any idea of what this is? I don't think it was food Bc I found it after the bowel movement.

I also have seen tiny strings in my stool, when it breaks in half. I always thought it was just pieces of the poop.

Thanks and sorry to be gross!


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03/31/2013 02:26 PM
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Don't know why the picture won't upload. I'm going to try to put it on my profile. Please check there if you have experience with parasites or worms.


03/31/2013 04:30 PM
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Take a look at this article and look at the pictures of rope parasites Do your's look like the ones in the pictures? If so, they're parasites and you need to treat them.

Are you seeing a LLMD now? Might want to let him/her know about this so that you can get treatments for it. A lot of people are taking Ivermectin and Albendazole and getting good results with it. Also, as the article mentioned you need to do enemas to get those toxic parasites out of you.

I have these myself and find that when I do a coffee enema they tend to come out the next day. I've been on Ivermectin and Albendazole and it's helped reduce the parasite load in me. I also take Black Walnut tincture everyday to help kill intestinal parasites.

Hope you get some medicine to treat them and start doing some enemas to get them out. I also see a colonic therapist about once a month now and that helps tremendously.


03/31/2013 06:03 PM
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It does kind of loom like picture 6c. (The last one).

I also have had what I am guessing to be mucus come out before a bowel movement. Have you ever passed anything in the "mucus stage "

How do you get a coffee enigma? Can you make it at home?

I do have a llmd, who to pole me plaquenal takes care of parasites. However, I am scheduled to see another llmd at the end of April who I'd better with co-infections, parasites ect.... I hope

Thank you

03/31/2013 06:20 PM
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Yes, I've passed mucous, candida, flukes, tapeworm, hookworm, rope parasites and who knows what else? No, plaquenal will not treat these parasites. You need to be on anti parasitic meds.

Dr. Klinghardt treats with these anti parasitic meds before he treats LD. Maybe show this list to your LLMD and see if he/she will consider prescribing this to you.

*Klinghardt anti-parasite treatment-Biltricide (600 mg) twice daily for two days

-Ivermectin 12 mg –one tablet four times per day for fourteen days (take at the same time as Pyrantel Pamoate)

-Pyrantel pamoate, 1000 mg per day at bedtime for fourteen days. Fill at Key Pharmacy

-Albenza, 200 mg (after completing fourteen days on Ivermectin and Pyrantel). Two tablets twice per day for fourteen days

-Alinia 500 mg (after completing Albenza)- Two twice per day for fourteen days

Order of treatment: Biltricide-Ivermectin-Pyrantel-Albenza-Alinia

Here's some instructions for doing a coffee enema. It's one of the best thing I've done to detox my body. I do it twice a week minimum.

Coffee Enema Instructions:

Use ORGANIC ground coffee only. Regular coffee is sprayed with chemicals, so you want to avoid putting those in you since the whole idea of the CE is to get the toxins out of you.

Here's some instructions that should be helpful to you.

Enema Bucket Kit

Coffee enema Instructions:

More Instructions: 20ENEMA.HTM#procedure

If you have a bowel movement you don't need to do the first cleansing enema that they talk about. If you haven't had a BM then it's best to do the cleansing enema first to remove what's in the colon so it will allow the coffee enema (CE) to be more effective. If you do the cleansing enema, wait for a half hour before doing the coffee enema. This gives your colon time to relax and prepare for the CE. The cleansing enema is quick, maybe five to ten minutes, or until you feel you can't hold it any longer.

My wife and I use the plastic bucket you see at the link I provided you with (we both have our own). This is easy to use and easy to clean, plus you can actually see when the coffee is all in unlike the bag where you can't see anything. They have steel buckets too, that's fine as well.

The enema bag is probably something you have at home, if not, you can purchase them at Walgreens or CVS. Don't purchase the one's from Walmart as they have a potent rubber smell that doesn't go away. That gets into the colon and it's not good. That's why we like the bucket with the clear tube, but the bag is fine as long as you clean it real good with dish soap and use hydrogen peroxide to make sure it's mold free.

Use olive oil or coconut oil, or whatever oil you prefer, for the tip before inserting it. The tip should not go more than three inches into your rectum. Take the bucket and hang it on the bathroom door knob. It needs to be about 18 inches up so that the fluid will continue to flow downward. It takes about two minutes or so to empty and go into your colon. If you feel any pressure use the valve to shut of the valve to give your colon time to adjust then release it and allow more coffee to go into you. Go at your own pace, no reason to hurry the process.

I use four cups of coffee as most instructions suggest. You might want to experiment with 2 cups the first time then if you feel comfortable next time go to three or four if you want. Do as much as you are comfortable with, but no more than what is recommended. Lay on your right side and relax, play music, pray, meditate, or whatever helps you to relax.

The first time seems awkward and maybe you'll be a bit nervous about it—I was. But after you do it once or twice, and start noticing the benefits of it, you'll actually look forward to doing it. Some suggest doing it no more than three times a week, others say you can do it once a day for a month then taper off to once or twice a week. All kinds of different opinions on this. I do it two to three times a week (when feeling toxic I do it more often) and find it to be very relaxing while I lay there for about 15 minutes. Dr. Gerson has years of experience with doing coffee enemas, so read what he says at the links I provided you with as he's the expert on this.

If you want to read more about coffee enemas you can get a lot of information by simply googling "coffee enema instructions" or "coffee enema benefits".

You'll notice that there is a special coffee that SA Wilson makes for enema purposes only. I purchased that once and did not find it to be any more effective than using organic coffee. It's supposed to be more effective than regular coffee, but like I said, I didn't find it to be any more effective than using organic coffee. Get medium roast, not dark roast, not shiny roast. I buy mine in the health food store already ground up and keep it in the fridge, but it you have a coffee grinder then you can get the beans whole and grind them yourself.

I had a fatty liver at one time which is common for some of us with LD, but by doing the CE and taking Milk Thistle my liver is close to normal now, my liver enzymes are normal too. Not to mention, a lot of parasites and liver flukes have come out of me as well. Don't be alarmed if you find parasites come out after doing a coffee enema. Sometimes the parasites don't come out immediately, they come out later or the next day as it takes time for them to release themselves from the liver. It seems the acid from the coffee is what causes this to happen.

Hope this covers everything. Oh, one more thing. I boil my coffee in a steel pan then when it cools down I strain it in a gold mesh coffee strainer I bought which was only 4-5 dollars. Best to use that and not paper as some of the fiber from the paper could get into the coffee and that's not good. Use ONLY steel or glass for boiling coffee, not teflon or aluminum as it leeches toxins into the water. You do not want more toxins in your body.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Also, has a lot of information on this too, plus there are many different types of enemas that you can do. I've done garlic enemas (for parasites), pink salt enemas, wormwood with with green walnut hulls, cloves, and probiotic enemas. If you're curious about other type of enemas you can read about the benefits they offer on curezone. For now I would just stick with coffee enemas and keep it simple.

As I already mentioned, you want to lay on your right side when doing the coffee enema. Some people lay half the time on their right side and then go to the left side, others do it differently. Dr. Gerson suggests laying on the right side for 15 minutes so that's what I do. It's on the links I provided you with. He is the expert so follow what he says.

Hope you have as good experiences with your coffee enemas as I have. I really feel it's helped me tremendously to detox and feel better too.

Any questions, feel free to get back to me.

Bottoms up! Wink


P.S. As you obviously know, this is not medical advice. I'm simply sharing what I do and how it's helped me.

03/31/2013 07:10 PM
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Thank you for the info. I am excited to start with the coffee!!!

I do have a few more questions

I just started IV ceftriaxone (for ld.), I also take oral ceftin & rifampin(for bartonella ). Stopped plaquenal last week.

Do you think about adding klighardt's protocol would be too much? I know I need to get the parasites out. Even if that wasn't a rope worm. I'm sure it was something. Normal bowel movements don't have things like that with them.

Also, did you notice a difference in your food cravings after the parasites started coming out? I have crazy sweet cravings and gained 20 pounds last year.

03/31/2013 08:04 PM
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GWB - OMG, Gary, this is what I had at least over 10 years ago, while I was pregnant with my son. The mucus, the seeds, then the ropes/strings in the stools. No one was ever able to tell me what they were. Those days are over for me now, but I am glad that Western Medicine is starting to acknowledge this parasite. Hopefully, someday, there will be a treatment protocol for all that are suffering.

04/01/2013 04:48 AM
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How did you get rid of them?

04/01/2013 05:56 AM
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Kim - I'll PM you.

04/01/2013 10:13 AM
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Wow....that is exactly happening to me too. I get the same mucous type things in my stool too along with the fecal stones. I've been diagnosed with IBS too. In fact, I am seeing a GI doc for this and I am scheduled for an endoscope and colonoscopy in a couple of weeks. Is this caused by lyme? Do we get this when we r bitten along with the lyme? I'm sure my GI doc will have no clue what it is.

I'm confused about the coffee enemas. Have never done an enema before. Raven, can you also PM me too and let me know how u also got rid of them. I have explained this to my Lyme doc and she acted like it was nothing. I am currently on Ceftin and I am going to call for a med change soon bc the med is not working.

Did u all experience excessive itching and crawly feeling with this parasite? I have been dealing with this since Jan. I thought it was Babs which it could be. But now I am thinking it could be this parasite. This disease is so confusing and stressful to try to treat.

Anyone with any info on this, please let me know. Thank you so much ! Thank u Kim for starting this post! Thank u Gary for your info!


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