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02/20/2013 03:21 AM

Developing aversion to taking my pills

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Hi, all,

As if I didn't have enough to deal with, I am now having mental issues with taking so many pills every day.

When I sit down with food, drink, and meds I find that I *really* don't want to eat and sometimes have trouble swallowing my pills.

I also have started having an aversion to some of the foods that I normally take my pills with.

Does anyone else have experience with this?

I have been in treatment about a year and a half. I am not seeing much improvement, which I know can be normal.


02/20/2013 03:32 AM
doglickPosts: 682

This is a normal reaction when one gets sicker taking the pills. Generally it will pass if you keep it up. Understand that the feeling of getting worse is a herx reaction. The stronger the reaction the stronger the feeling of wanting to stop the pills.

I get this, although not as strong, even now sometimes.

You are probably in more distress than you realize in a 'normal' day without the medication. The only way to get better is to keep going. It can be hard when you feel like dying but much of it will pass then come back and so on. It is part of the disease and without treatment, will get worse.

Have hope, it does get better.

02/20/2013 03:35 AM
waxbyPosts: 4811
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~~ Take abx on an empty stomach 45 minutes before food so as to inject abx quickly out of your gut and into your body so as to quickly begin reconstituting your intestinal flora with food and probiotics ...


02/20/2013 08:29 AM
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I'd honestly suggest beginning a meditation routine and some visualization.

It will help the anxiety you have about taking the pills (the aversion - it's a form of anxiety)....

When I first stated treatment, after about 5 months I couldn't swallow - pill aversion. It was horrible.

So I started visualizing. Whenever I take my pills, I envision a mini army spilling out of each one to help attack the Lyme.

This helps me feel good about each pill I have to swallow, and I haven't had an aversion since starting to meditate and visualize.



02/20/2013 09:13 AM
waxbyPosts: 4811
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``````` A Meditation ```````

``` by Mitchell ```

Nov 25 2011

~~ This life, our life, and what we do with it on this planet is "simply" a display, a reflection, ofwhat is going on in our consciousness. The proof is in the puddin'. Look at our planet, what humans are doing to it, and with it, and to one another, and ask yourself ...

~ "How's this working for us/me?"

~~ Step away from monkey mind, not tangle ... Observe ... Inhabit your higher self ...

~~Visualize yourself in dark empty space, and like our sun, from within radiating out in every direction into the universe, love-healing energy ...

~~ Please don't confuse meditation with escapism ...

~~ Or silence with dead silence ...

~~ Rather think of silence as alive wide awake silence ...

~~ Your silence will bloom ...


~ Message from timotheos

~ April 4, 2012 - 09:05 pm

~ "hey mitchell,

~ "my mind hasn't been attuned to the cosmic oneness lately...

~ "I need to re-align, to be more mindful.

~ "any suggestions?

~ "bless,

~ "timothy"


To timotheos

April 4, 2012 - 11:22 pm


~~ Hello Tim!

~~ "Simply" meditate on that!

~~ Meditate on the infinite richness, vastness, emptiness, fullness, of "space" ... Be with this, as we ARE with this ... re-realize our inseparability/oneness/wholeness ... One Whole ...

~~~from my straight jacket~~~out on a limb~~~lookin like a cocoon~~~hangin by a thread~~~waitin for a butterfly~~~under the moon~~~Lovey-Dovey~~ Mitchell ```

02/20/2013 10:26 AM
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I get kind of the same aversion. I have my phone alarm set for pill-taking.

About 15 mins or so before my alarm goes off, I get nauseous to the point of choking down meds makes me throw up.

I've tried changing the times to 'fool' myself. Haha. Didn't work.

I guess subconsciously I know what time it is.

02/20/2013 10:45 AM
LightTravelPosts: 31
New Member

I found a great meditation audio about Lyme online. Affirmations about your prescriptions and supplements helping you to heal are in there.

I've been using this audio for 3 days and mentally, I'm doing so much better. I'd put up a link if it would be allowed.

I have no affiliation with this lady other than how much she's helped me in 3 days.

02/20/2013 02:05 PM
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There have been times I have been taking too many pills and I have developed this aversion and had to cut back to just the necessary ones to give my body a rest.

I think sometimes my body can only handle so much.

Also, I found that taking some of the stuff in liquid form to also help with this. For example my antimicrobial herbs are banderol, samento and liquid grapefruit seed extract.

Also, I tend to cycle through and rotate supplements because I can only swollow so many pills in a day. So about every month I rotate something.

If you are shoving a gazillion pills down your throat every day, as I once was, the aversion may be a sign to cut back.

If you are only doing a select handful or so a day, like antibiotics, you may have to stick it out or talk to your doc about it!

03/01/2013 04:18 AM
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Okay, thanks. I will try to focus on what they are doing for me instead of to me.

I appreciate the input, everybody!

03/01/2013 09:32 AM
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Group Leader

I will try to focus on what they are doing for me instead of to me.


The way you said that is important.

Thinking of a treatment as doing something *to* you (as in negative side effects, herxes, etc) is not a good way to approach any treatment for any illness.

It is important to view anything we put into our bodies as a part of the "support team" that will fight and heal.

Mind over matter, dear... A lot of how much progress we make is based on the energy and thoughts we attach to something.

If it is negative and fearful, or resentful, we will consume that with the pills, supplements, herbs, or food.

If it is positive, hopeful, and healing, we will consume that with the pills, supplements, herbs, or food.

To be successful, we have to believe and have faith, not just automatically swallow the pills Smile




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