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12/04/2012 07:16 PM

Oral Spirochetes

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Hello, everyone.

Its been a while since I have posted, and I want to first give an apology to (WalkerRaven?) for disappearing so abruptly.

I became really sick and feel as though I have slept for 3 months straight. Fatigue and arthritis have been unmerciful lately.

I want to know if anyone has ever been checked by their dentist for oral spirochetes.

After a bit of research, it appears that it will cause all of the same symptoms as lyme disease but virtually never shows up in blood tests because its based mainly in the head.

People who have dental trauma...

(lose a tooth, get braces, gum abscesses, root canals, wisdom teeth removal, etc)

...can release these oral spiros by the millions into the blood stream and straight into the brain and nervous system since its SO close.

The oral spiros also have an unbelievable "spore" form where they braid themselves with one another and curl into a ball when threatened.

Ive been looking at many videos on youtube and found information from this dentist's website:

He even diagnosed a girl with cystic acne as having oral spirochetes, and once it was treated her acne disappeared.

The dentist has also seen chronic lyme patients who had oral spiros and found that gingivitis treatment helped them.

Just checking to see if anyone has been tested? I am taking my mother to the dentist next week to check for this.

I hope this information helps someone.


12/05/2012 11:43 AM
TickBuffetPosts: 65

Thanks for sharing that info! I'm about to check out that link.

Really creeps me out, though, as I just had a tooth yanked over the summer!

12/05/2012 12:09 PM
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Yes, I just landed an appointment with a periodontist tomorrow. So I will update this thread on their findings. I'll make sure to get as much info about it as I can pass on.

There are some good videos about it here: oq=oral+spirochete

12/07/2012 09:21 AM
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I have had throbbing under my cap from a root canal on and off for years, but when I go to the dentist and mention this he pushes down on my cap, no pain- no infection.

I am thinking of seeing a different dentist. When I do my rife treatments I can feel it in that tooth.

Thanks for sharing this information and please report your findings.

12/07/2012 11:38 AM
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prior to my lyme activation, i lost two fillings within 6mons. it was quite odd for sure for me.

since researching lyme bacteria, there is such a thing as dental spirochete.

i replaced the amalgam with composite. there should be no amalgams in your mouth. MERCURY in amalgams.

they must be replaced.

there for awhile i was feeling like areas of my mouth had cavities; just the old spirochetes up to no good.

amalgams are not good for the body (getting them out is another way to help heal the body)

amalgams expand reason why we are always replacing them; they also stain the tooth.

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12/07/2012 11:58 AM
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Well, I went to one of the local dental offices and was check out by some hygienists who said that my teeth looked good and didnt show any signs of cavities or gingivitis.

But I told them I was having pain in the back teeth and requested the DDS to have a more thorough look.

He came and checked me out, took a look at the back teeth and saw that my gum line had receded enough to expose some of the roots.

They didnt have a microscope to view any of the pathogens that may be partying in there, but he recognized it right away as the start of periodontal issues.

I had fillings in most of my teeth from childhood, and he said that probably saved me from it being any worse. He did, however say that the very back molar had an exposed root that was cracked.

3 years ago I had 3 wisdoms extracted and braces put on in the same month. He said the problem likely stemmed from this.

He told me to switch from regular toothpaste to plain baking soda and peroxide. Saying that will kill virtually anything in there and allow the gums to reclose around the roots.

I did mention oral spirochetes. He said that they are normally present in everyone, and that yes they are contagious. Im going to replace my listerine with Dakins solution.

From my understanding it takes up to 6 months of continual use to kill the critters and stop them from coming back.

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12/07/2012 12:43 PM
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I need some dental work ( a cap) and im being told by an alternative practitioner to get an extraction instead.

It was recommended that I read " the Root Canal Coverup". Anybody read it yet?

12/07/2012 01:36 PM
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Im reading some of the excerpts now. I went out and got baking soda for the solution today.

It makes sense, that infections can get trapped in capped teeth and cause a constant source of infection.

Admittedly, I went on a paleo diet several years back and was probably in the best health that I had ever been in my life.

Ive since cut out all red meats as the first step in becoming vegetarian which I plan to do in future years.

Im thinking of buying a used celestron lcd microscope ($80 bucks or so on ebay) so that I can start looking at my own bio flora and taking the pictures to these ridiculous doctors so they can see for themselves whats in there.

A dentist once told me when I was young that he thinks most all diseases start in the mouth or in the gut. I believe it.

12/07/2012 03:33 PM
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mysticthecat in my past life, i worked for an endodontist, i don't get this one. i know i too have read to get it out, i believe hulda clarke also mentioned it.

but i don't get it. all you have is your tooth, packed with a plastic. my endo had patients come in at least 5x to ream the nerve canal to make sure all of the nerve was out of there.

after that, it was packed.

thinking.........if the tooth was cracked, the infection would have leaked out and you probably didn't even know you needed a root canal. mine wasn't as i ballooned up like a chipmunk.

now i know after the drilling opening was filled, it was filled with composite not amalgam.....

root canals do not hurt,

the nerve is dead. unless like me the infection had no where to go so the moment the doctor drilled and opened the nerve area, that was such a major release of pain. it is the build up of infection in the tooth that hurts not the drilling.

for me it is all about saving teeth. teeth removed creates bone loss.

12/08/2012 03:18 PM
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summer just curious if it is on your left side?

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