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11/25/2009 08:36 AM

Lyme and Lip Swelling

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I've been having a lot of Lip Swelling for the past few months. Obviously Lip swelling is an indication of food allergies (and I do often get it after eating), but I have also gotten it when I haven't eaten, but rather when I'm hungry!

Has anyone had this experience? What do you recommend I do?


11/25/2009 09:29 AM
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hi there zenducation....I have to say that the only time i was aware of lip swelling was when I had an injury or had taken a med. I was having an allergic reaction to..Other than that it was a new lipstick etc..I hope you find out a cause/cure

11/25/2009 12:11 PM
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lip swelling is a new one to me. Have you tried taking benadryl?

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