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11/05/2012 01:29 PM

Glutathione Levels...

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What's your favorite way to up your Glutathione levels? I hear the pills are not that good... what do people use?

I once had it added to my Vit C IV and it felt great.


11/05/2012 03:30 PM
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I take Moringa. Also, instead of taking Glutathione shots, I use to put the fluid in my nebulizer & inhale it.

Here is a link that shows the effects of Glatathione Inhalation Therapy. I didn't use this Drs. Glatathione, just the fluid in my shots form my LLMD.

11/05/2012 08:50 PM
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Some of the glutathione precursors supposedly work better that glutathione. N acetyl cysteine is the one we use. We also use liposomal glutathione.

Used to get it in an IV and it felt good, but then didn't seem worth the time/ money.


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