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05/05/2011 06:19 PM

To shave or not to shave my head...

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I'm new to the lupus thing but have been hit pretty hard. I'm now on high dose cellcept and prednisone with the potential for cytoxan if it doesn't improve.

So here's my problem: I loved my hair but over the past two months, it's been falling out. A lot. I was known for my wild, crazy, curly hair. Now, it's about half of what it was two-three months ago. I have a big event and new job starting soon and at this rate, it seems like my hair will all be gone before that. So, I'm now debating whether or not to just shave it all off. And if I do, how can I get a decent wig?

Any thoughts?


05/05/2011 06:22 PM
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Do you mean gone by it's thinning out? I have heard that if it's thinning it should come back. I'm not sure how to answer your question for sure though but I know there are others on here that will have alot more info for you.

05/05/2011 06:46 PM
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Hi curlyhairgal....welcome to this fantastic support site where you will meet some wonderful, caring and compassionate members. I think maybe you could go in and see your hairdresser and ask her for some suggestions on how best to take care of your hair and if she feels that your going to lose it all than maybe she has contact with some people who deal with wigs. Anytime you have any questions please feel free to post often or you can PM (private message) anyone at anytime. I wish you all the best.


05/05/2011 07:00 PM
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Hi and welcome to the group. As you can see, the people here are wonderful. Eva is right about going to a hairdresser. They have experience with dealing with these types of problems. I hope you visit often.


05/05/2011 07:20 PM
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I suggest you go to the hairdresser too. I didn't and ended up doing a bad job of cutting all mine off! I did donate it to Locks of Love, they make wigs for children. Welcome to the group also!! Please post anytime or send a private message! We are here for you! Like I said, I cut all mine off, but I don't work any longer so nobody had to see me!!!

best of luck,


05/05/2011 08:15 PM
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Welcome, I also think you should go to see your hairdresser as well. I would also talk to your doctor to see if this is something that will gradually slow down or does he expect it to continue or get worse. I haven't had this kind of hair loss from the Prednisone and Cellcept. I guess it is a little different for all of us. I have some all over loss but it does seem to grow back pretty quickly. I can feel all the new hairs when I touch my scalp. But of course if it is bothersome to you and you would feel better just getting it cut off then you should do what makes you feel comfortable. Good luck!



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