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03/20/2009 09:25 AM

when your meds aren't working

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Hi Everyone

I have unfortunately found out that the plaquenil that I have been taking isn't working. I was on Prednisone for what seemed like forever and was hoping that the plaquenil would work. Because I have fevers and can't eat most of the time, the dr's feel that I need to go onto a stronger drug.

I've always been a health freak and very conscious of what I put into my body.

They have suggested organ rejection meds, chemotherapy or to go into a drug trial that has shown great potential. I just don't know what to do!!!!! Anyone have kind of similar situation or advice.

Thanks so much



03/20/2009 10:24 AM
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Lisa, I understand the fear and anxiety about goin on a stronger med. Anything to make the pain better is good. I tried four different drugs until my body found one that it liked. It is very frastrating. Your doctor's would suggest it if they didn't think you would benefit from it. I am currently on CellCept which is the organ rejection drug. Personally, I like it more than the Chemo drugs because it has less serve side effects. However it is experience and some insurances won't cover it. My best advice is to do research. Look up the drugs and asking questions.

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