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03/04/2012 07:20 PM


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Thanks everybody for the feedback, it's nice to know you have so many people willing to help you with unanswered questions. I saw on a website not sure if it's MDJunction but one of the people was saying they have had lupus for 20 or more years and never took any medicine for it, they used olive oil, lemon juice, aloe vera, and a couple more things and that helped as far as the hair and skin, so if the person that wrote this sees this discussion will she please comment and let us know how she used these products to keep from taking the meds. I go to the doctor wednesday I've got a lot of questions for him and I will let you all know how it goes just been taking plaquenil for a month and hate taking medicine already taking metformin already for diabetes.

03/05/2012 05:04 AM
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It wasn't me, but I did meet a woman at a Lupus conference when I was first diagnosed who said that she refused medicines and only take Fish Oil and all of her arthritis is gone.

03/05/2012 09:19 AM
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I just started taking Fish oil for my heart. I watch Dr. Oz. A pharmacist agreed with him. Only been a week so I'll keep an eye on whether I feel any better. (Bonus!)

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