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01/14/2012 02:31 PM

Work Question

AustinLisaPosts: 110

Hi Everyone! Has anyone on here asked for an accommodation at work under the Americans with Disabilities Act?

I'm really feeling bad and having a lot of organ issues. I've been trying to figure out ways that I can continue working, because I really want to. However, I've been finding over the past several weeks that for every few days of work, I collapse and need about 2 days of recovery.

I've read the ADA, and it sounds like my Lupus issues would qualify me as disabled under this act. You can request accommodations from your employer, and I'm thinking of asking to work from home some and some flexible scheduling.

I'm just wondering if anyone on here has done this, and what your results/experience was.



01/14/2012 07:49 PM
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I'm an Advocate

Hello. I haven't had to ask yet, but just spent two weeks away from work with no sick time, so it will all be unpaid. Kind of wonder what I'm walking into to next Tuesday. Anyway, I want to share a document with you that I found. I keep it at my desk at work, in case I ever need it. Here you go:

Also, I am involved with another group on this website called Work and Chronic Illnesses. It's possible that someone in that group may have some experience with this as well. You are welcome to join us.

Good luck.

Mary Kay

01/21/2012 06:53 PM
einsteinbPosts: 4
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I am going to fill out paper work. I have to go to the doctor and that will be awhile, I have to get my hip x-ray first. I work 40 hours a week. I use to work for a DME company, but they moved the building and it would have been an 1 or more to get to work. With that job, I always had Saturday and Sunday off. But, with my new job I have to work Saturday and sometimes get 1 day off during the week. I am gong to ask to have every Saturday and Sunday's off, so I can had 2 days in a row to rest and recoup!! I have to have that to work 40 hours a week. We will see if it works.

All you can do is try, that's what I say!!! Luck to us both!Tongue


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01/22/2012 12:10 PM
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Hi AustinLIsa, thanks for starting this discussion. This is an interesting topic that I had never really thought about before. After reading the posts above, i decided to take a look at the americans with disabilities act. The following web site provides a great overview of what the act covers.

Some employees are fortunate to have understanding and compassionate employers who have the resources to accommodate most disabled workers and customers. I am lucky to have a position in the recreation industry (therefore, my work environment is relatively stress free with good pay. I wish the same could be said for home life lol.) I wonder if Lupus itself qualifies as a disability or if the individual problems caused by Lupus qualify as disabilities (i.e. joint pain, medical treatment requirements, other debilitating affects of the disease.)

Unfortunately, if I should need accommodations at my current position... My employer has less than 15 employees and from the material I read, this would exclude them from having to make accommodations on my behalf. Though, I am fairly certain that my employer would provide reasonable accommodations anyway as long as the changes would not affect business practices, customer service, or operation costs.

Hugs to all and I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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