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02/13/2011 09:28 AM

Sun and swelling

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Just a quick question...

When I'm in the sun, which is hard for me to avoid...I wake the next day swollen everywhere. My hands are fat, red, and so sore. My face is swollen, My name it. I also burn like in 20 min flat...with sunscreen. I know we are suppose to avoid the sun...I live in the freakin desert. It's a bit hard to do. I love the sun so much. I'm just wondering why I'm swelling...the physiological explaination. I don't get too bad of a headache or nausea...just swelling, burned, and achy all over. Any thoughts? I came back from Costa Rica and was a swollen berry.


02/13/2011 09:58 AM
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I don't really know but the Summer before my Lupus diagnosis (2009) I was in the sun more than normal and would notice the swelling in my hands and feet after days with sun exposure. My wedding bands would be so tight for a week that it was to uncomfortable to wear them. I would feel "puffy" like I was retaining fluid but my weight would be the same. I don't know the reason it happens but without sun exposure I don't have issues anymore. The only sunlight I get is walking from my house to the car and from the car into where I am going. Plus I always use sunscreen even under my makeup. Maybe someone can tell us if they have had problems and had the doctor tell them why it happens.


02/13/2011 01:20 PM
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yes this summer before dx, I was so swollen hands, feet, knees, face, I wan't even out in the sun, just in the heat, I look like I was on high doses of steroids, after the plaquenil and steroids the swelling did go down, but I went for my normal walk the other day, it was 60 degrees here (GA) had on long sleeves and everything, my hands swelled and hurt, so I know it is atleast heat and sun causes some of this.

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